Can Our DNA Make Us Commit Crimes? | Predict my Future: The Science of Us Episode 2 | Spark

What happens when young people run off the rails? Based on the Dunedin Longitudinal Study results, this episode examines why most young adolescents …


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  1. I think when your behavior gets so out of control that you manage to kill someone, you forfeit your "youthful offender" goodwill credit on the spot and deserve whatever adult sentence you have coming. The researchers appear to be ignoring the point that there is some other person that is no longer able to live a life due to those actions. And the rights of the innocent should outweigh the supposed "rights" of the guilty.

  2. The title is garbage… the entire study is studying the ACTIONS in their lives, not their dna. This has nothing at all to do with DNA, but using EXPERIENCE as a predictor of future behavior.

  3. $$$ private penal system in the USA wants to make sure they stay in business and growing by filling the queue for future beds. Taking advantage of youth by ruining their lives before they mature. We as a society needs Compassion and Grace.

  4. These type of videos never look at the impact on the victims. They try to make the criminals the victims. There are repercussions for one choices and actions. 36:50 I have no sympathy. He took a life. I don’t care if he was “only 17”. The person he killed was completely ignored. He should be locked up for good. The person he killed wasn’t given another chance.

    People in social media lives are ruined over a tweet that “offended” someone made years ago when they were teenagers, yet teenage murderers should be shown leniency.

  5. As a parent of a 53 yr old felon son….who has screamed & demanded to have his own way since birth (he was very active & different than my other 3 in the womb), I guarantee you it's some sort of inherited brain disorder. I adored him from the moment I missed my 1st period, as with all my children. He was 2nd child. I asked Drs why & they only told me he was a different person so different behavior. I did everything I could think of to give all my pregnancies their best chance. He was born screaming, did so for his 1st 3 or 4 mos. Then after I sat him in a baby chair recliner & had to move him to different spots within 15 minutes as he'd get bored & scream again…he wouldn't allow me to cuddle or rock him (my oldest needed attention too, they were 14 mos. apart). Soon as he could crawl he took what he wanted. Literally lied to me including for no reason starting when he could talk. Threw objects @ me when I would take things away he got into that might hurt him & threw fits if I moved him b4 from getting into things. I was VERY patient, followed guidelines from my degreed in psychology mother-in-law, who was kind & caring. He was defiant since he could move on his own. He'd ignore me, I had his hearing checked & was told he was just ignoring me. No Dr helped me find why he was so 'difficult', I asked many times & different ones. He's been defiant til this day. Is a felon since a young adult. Had to put him in a private school to keep him out of boys prison as a minor. Stole, lied, etc. all his life, & no one would do anything medically or psychologically….he's very intelligent & knows how to play people…& the law. His grandmother (awesome lady) finally told him to stay away from her, finally, which was shocking as she was so patient, her 1st grandson. He's stole my $$, told horrid gossip of me to milk pity from the law (he cannot prove his lies, even signed legal false statements he's made up to cover himself). At 49 I finally walked away from him after his last big con trying to use me in his plans to set up innocent people to cover his misdeeds, crimes. I can't take any more as he's cost me a home to creating a con while I was working saying he was dying (a complete lie) which put me into shock as I believed him @ 1st, trying to get $ out of me I don't have…& everything in between,….I'm drained. I love him dearly but just can't tolerate his cruelty anymore. He's stolen from his elementary school, friends, neighbors, was kicked out of kindergarten, & off school bus….the list goes on….& it's very long. Some states even asked him not to come back.
    My father was a narcsissistic, womanizer, pedophile, killer, etc., whom was very cruel (I do not think my son pedophiled tho). I believe he inherited the genes, brain 'malfunction', ?, …the last few yrs he's vandalized my vehicle, told his criminal buds, what/whomever, to get me harmed or killed….he thinks I've $. I've had friends for decades whom can verify his attitude, including law enforcement agents. My son has no empathy for anyone…nor did my father & some other relatives. Even 2 other of my children have turned criminal &/or have followed the criminal pedophiles of my relatives, lies & cons, gossip (tho I don't believe they harmed children OTHER than teaching my grandchildren to hate from gossip/lies as I've told the truth on the pedophiles so I'm the enemy). I'm still paying repercussions from the gossip said of me to cover others crimes, it's cost me my children (only the oldest knows better & only 1 of my grandchildren of 9 will talk to me), religious fanatical relatives stole my children twice as I married, last late, a Filipino….they tried to convince our child I slept with a white man as they are racists & didn't want her to be anything but white,…. Its a very long list. I'm 75, it's a long story, dysfunctional families are created by narcsissistic selfish attitudes, many who are self-righteous religious fanatics…& are guilty of crimes… grandmother used whips on me as a child. I've chosen to not have anything to do with my relatives for the last couple of decades, but live in fear of my son as I cannot afford to move elsewhere he doesn't know. Believe me, many brain dysfunctions are inherited.

  6. Goodness. Voilent men hit women. Violent women hit men, its been known for years its really sad that they say its so "shocking" and feminist "researchers" supress the results and threaten those participating researchers.

  7. Humans are not determined to be specific at birth. Growth, health, environment, education, maturity, experience and many more interactions & circumstances may lead to extreme behavior.

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