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What is CBG, CBC, CBN, and CBD? – Cannabinoids Explained

Check out for your vape supplies today! Ever wonder what the difference between Cannabinoids is? What is the difference between CBN …


18 thoughts on “What is CBG, CBC, CBN, and CBD? – Cannabinoids Explained

  1. ThcV is like coffee.. you can get them from oregon rec shops, from @FFEPdx extracts. They might produce a hemp derived one now, because south oregon has the most.
    THCV makes you anti-hungry, like to rhyme and dance, very creative to the mind, and lots of energy. Its usually found in lemon or orange sativas in their hash pens in 3 to 5 percent, with THC around 75 to 80 usually. Farmers Friend Extracts out of Portland made them tested for OR rec for years. Quality stuff. South Oregon is the hemp capital for quality cuts, for sure.

  2. Another to check is THC-o aka THC-acetate… its different for sure, and gives effects.
    Also consider delta3 and or delta10.

  3. Cbdp gets ya high af

  4. You deserve way more subs this channel is so professional I love it

  5. Super informative and a great overview, I'm glad I found your channel! great stuff please keep up the great content 😀

  6. Great video dude. I remember when you first started lol. You look way more comfortable making them now. I need to get some cbc for some carts. Good idea

  7. another great one dude. keep it up.

  8. Love the channel as usual. Could you do some videos on Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC)? It seems like one of the most interesting new compounds.

  9. Love the content as always 🙂

  10. Top vid as per usual get on chavvie

  11. I'm working in the Ontario legal market and they're already advertising CBN as like sleep medicine. So it's hilarious to me there's actually no scientific evidence yet – just another misconception added to the list, but they have to study these cannabinoids faster

  12. Tried CBN as crystals in a concentrate pen. I suspect it may have an effect on migraines or cluster headaches reducing their frequency or intensity

  13. wish you said the full chemical name, but fire nonetheless

  14. It ain't fly if it don't get me high, y'all. Knaw'msayin'?

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  16. like your filter methods… can you show more?

  17. reclaim is nice on oreos 😋 👌…. ];)

  18. Droppin knowledge , thanx

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