Hope for Punya (A Rare Condition and Searching for Answers)

Punya is diagnosed with Phelan-Mcdermid syndrome and does not currently speak. Ananya, her sister, is dedicated to learning how Punya communicates so …


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  1. Hi everyone! I wanted to share a bit of the "behind the scenes" from when I film with siblings, particularly children. When communicating with each child, I make sure to ask them questions pertaining to themselves. Such as "What's your favorite food?" or "What's your favorite thing to do?" I want to make every sure each kid knows I have a genuine interest in them. Not all of this footage is included in the final cut, but I just wanted to share this bit of info as I think it is important that we make all children, disabled and nondisabled, feel loved and accepted!

  2. You are a wonderful, loving family! 🙏🏻 to you all. Have you looked into research with implanting electrical stimulation to help negate or control the Punya’s seizures? Your youngest daughter is wide beyond her years! I thought her insightfulness about the both of you, mom & dad, to have more time together was so awesome for her to elaborate! I pray that science will bring hope for Punya! Thank you for sharing your account of the struggles that you must deal with everyday, and being an example
    for other young couples that maybe be trying to cope with what you have all learned raising your beautiful daughters!

  3. Beautiful family! God bless you all abundantly. Praying that Punya gets healed soon for nothing is impossible to God.
    "Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and He saved them from their distress; He sent out his word and healed them, and delivered them from destruction."
    Psalm 107:19,20

  4. Hopefully soon Punya will find some type of treatment or medication to stop or atleast reduce her seizures. If something is out there, we know her parents will find it. Stay strong- 🌷Help for Punya

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