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  1. Before the movie music I was never truly offended before but not only was it making fun of autism which I have but the director/singer Sia is South Australian which I also am,After I saw review's for it I decided I would not be listening to another Sia song ever again😠But I'm not going to force my opinion on everyone else though because at the end of the day most people felt the same anyway😕

  2. Top 5 Worst:
    1) Halloween Kills (I will die mad about this POS movie)
    2) Music (even if it wasn't absurdly offensive, the screenplay was still bad enough that it would make it in most peoples' Top X Worst lists)
    3) Dear Evan Hansen (the gift that keeps on giving…at least movies this bad produce hilarious YouTube content)
    4) The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (you know your terrible franchise has jumped the shark when terrible movies like Annabelle 1 and Curse of La Llarona look good by comparison)
    5) Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (it's atrocious, but I recommend it to anyone in need of a good laugh…it might be worse than any of the Paul W.S. Anderson RE movies and I'm here for it)

    Really, the only two of these I actually hate are Halloween Kills and Conjuring 3. Music is harmful and tacky as shit, but it really sparked a lot of discussion around the topic of representation and I found a lot of great channels for people with ASD. Evan Hansen and RE fall more into the "so bad that it's still bad but I also kind of love it" category of bad.

  3. Yeah, Sia is some bullshit.
    We aren't fucking Rainman, quit trying to pull that shit Hollywood, most of us are smarter than the writers over there.

    Autism Face is perfect, I'm using that.

  4. Totally agree with you on the N⁰10
    Watched it and have to say it's the on my top 10 most forgettable movies ever now. As I couldn't remember watching it

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