Biggest & Thickest Buds on Cannabis using This Organic Hardener & Sugars

John from visits TD for the 4th update showing his 10 Foot tall Cannabis Trees that are on track to yield 10 pounds of flower …


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  1. Help me understand. After all, Fermenting Cantaloupe for 6 weeks would result in Cantaloupe Wine, assuming no fruit flies got into the mix, which would result in Cantaloupe Vinegar! How would pouring an alcohol mix benefit your plants soil biology? I could understand allowing the fruit to ferment for a week to build up beneficial microbes and bacteria, but 6 weeks would most definitely result in 5% to 10% alcohol wine! Alcohol would KILL plant biology! What am I missing?

  2. I use an fpj with banana and plantain flowers I add sugar and leave it in a big glass jar after a week n a half I strain , then add molasses to that mixture I didn't know what it would have done but what a surprise …now since watching this here I now know it was a home made hardner

  3. If skip through all the Boogie Brew guy's rambling without much of a point and self promotion, it's actually a kickass video- appreciate it, John and TD! Thanks for the new ideas. Your wisdom is priceless!

  4. Theyre okay I wouldn't say monsters buti respect that it's achieve d without synthetics /dedrients those are avg sized NorCal cultivators size lol but I love how they act like there's only 6 .they're only showing 6 but anyone like me who grows them this size especially not in Cali knows how much workgo into these daily .even little things like all the defoliating daily .I thought I could do a couple hundred this. Big by myself this year and I make my own super amended soiland make around 50 cubic yards manually .I'm doing 18 hour days since January and didn't keep up my usual weekly foliar preventative pest and mildew maintenance and got someaphids on about 15 of them pretty infested and barely finally got rid of them and the mildew they caused and I thought I sprayed enough BT for the bud worms and shits pissing me off how they always try to eat my fav bugs on each plant somehow even though therew hundreds of tops a plant they somehow get the very tips of my favorite huge colas .I guess the rain washed it off (the B.T.)but yeah I haven't finished defoliating a good 33 percent of the plants cuz of the aphids and worms and pm since I had to fix the problem right away to make sure it didn't spread but God damn it looks so fire .I'm just terrified .gonna have mold or.mildew probs cu of the density.and rain.And like homie said I swear this year there was no stretch .it went straight into flower this year I never seen flowers so soon and no stretch almost like I used bushmaster/paclo but God I hope I through 100 percent to the finish.God bless y'all hope u all have good harvests this year .respect everybody.much love john

  5. Really love all the informational videos y’all make. But I’m reaching out to you because my billfold has been empty for many years now since my stroke heart surgery and cancer surgeries and trying to live on a fixed puny income. I’ve tried different cheap ways to grow my medicine because I can’t afford to buy this at these shops. I can’t find any place to get seeds that I ordered and they are so expensive to only get a ounce off of a plant. Can you please show me away to grow inside a outside building to where I can get at least one good crop. And can you help me find seeds with good genetics like the ones y’all are showing in this video of yours ? I’m 64 and can hardly get out and do anything anymore. I’ve asked tons of people for help and can’t get any from any one. I’m not asking for a hand out just a cheap way that I can have one good grow before I can’t get outside at all. What strain and vender did you get this plants in your video from. I’ll be 65 in January. I’m not that old just a very sick person that needs help. I’ve tried this stuff called super soil mix this time and only two plants are going to give me a couple of ounces to last till growing season again if I’m still here then. But I honestly need help that want take what little money I get every month. Can you help me please. I know y’all stay busy but could you find the time to help me get just one good grow. I use four foot Ho t5 lights and I have two different bulbs. One set for veg and one set for bloom. I have two fans and a small ac to keep my room cool and it’s totally closed off to keep light out at night. I do a 18 veg time and 6 off. I have good water to use and a ph tester and I try to keep everything at 6.5 ph. Your my last hope. Thanks for the great videos and all your time. If you can do anything to help me you don’t know how much I’d appreciate it. If I get a message from you I’ll get you my email or phone number what ever it takes to get a little help. Thanks dude. 420 dreams.

  6. You actually are meant to digest cow milk so long as it’s raw milk because it has the beneficial enzymes in it that help to break down the lactose pasteurized milk on the other hand is poison in a bottle

  7. Thanks again guys, always learning a lot more every time I watch. This is the way. Thanks for the great flowering talk with Josh and TD, cant wait to see how he cures….

  8. Yes, great vid. TD, please write a little book for us, even just a pdf file. I don't believe I'm alone in saying I would gladly purchase it. Just about the feeding components and ratios and schedules. I'm having a hard time understanding what is what, even though I get most of it. Not a criticism, please understand.

    Thank you John and Josh for this vid, too. All three of you are amazing. Blessings.

  9. he is on a little journey to do better every year and I will respect you for being a great person with a passion for being able to think that I can do it better. the work is very hard and so many people lack passion.

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