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  2. I don't understand how one can buy 10 new stocks every few weeks and not run out of money

  3. WTF is this – "Will I risk $X amount" – are you only talking options?

  4. ❤️❤️❤️💪💪

  5. Good stuff, hopefully my luck turns around

  6. Just a question. Hi, I’m new here. Just a question. how far out to make these options? Do I buy them to expire this Friday?

  7. Thanks Jerry another informative video with your key criterias. Can you advise do you get charged any fees when you buy or sell stocks with your trading platform ? Thank you

  8. Why don't I understand the math on your 1.5% or 5% rule?

  9. With your Buy the Bounce indicatory, if you're looking for stock which are down no more than 1% in the last month, then do you look for only those which are down meaning -ve in percent? What if some stocks are positive in last month, why don't you include those too in your criteria?

  10. Hey Jerry, I was wondering if you ever thought of applying your methods to Crypto? It provides another easily tradeable asset in a bull market. A technician like yourself (and your followers) would do very well I imagine.

  11. When I learned from you the technical analysis in may 2020 and Infosys was the first company I had self-studied and had bought at $6. Infosys might split the stock as per the previous stock history.

  12. Hello! I am 14 years old and Im starting to invest with greenlight. I dont know where to start! I was given &20 to experiment with. Help!

  13. Thanks man. I wanna join your discord but for $30. I wish it's cheaper

  14. How did you get the target price of each of these companies? To calculate the risk-reward ratio?

  15. Always great. Could you revisit older vid ideas and stock you purchased awhile back? Or tell us stocks you closed positions on.

  16. I'm happy to see MSTR in this video. I picked up a share when I saw it on Buy the Bounce list last week. I think it's a way to gain some exposure to Bitcoin inside my 401k account.

  17. Got my cup of coffee and I'm ready to gooo 😀

  18. Hi Jerry! Thanks for the explanation on buy the bounce. Wow, you really put a lot into customizing it. Is it to late to get into INMD & LSI, or should I wait to buy the bounce?

  19. Jerry, im using and prefer gemini already as platform, for crypto… whats your take on difference betw blockfi and gemini earn..

  20. First commnet🤷🏿🤷🏿

  21. Jerry “the stock beast” Romine

  22. Thanks Jerry. Up from the day before might be my cure for fomo. Haha

  23. You’re a great teacher Jer., I’m learning thanks

  24. I cant afford any of these stocks lol! I only buy stocks under 20. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. Thanks Jerry you do a fantastic job. I really enjoy watching all of your videos

  26. Jerry thank you for all you do I know you've taught me well when I'm looking at the same stocks as you are before you even post them in a video or your hotstocks list on discord

  27. Great vid Jerry. Your vids are always easy to understand.

  28. Ohhh … Good info ! Thank you!!!!!!!!

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