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  1. Thanks Jerry another informative video with your key criterias. Can you advise do you get charged any fees when you buy or sell stocks with your trading platform ? Thank you

  2. With your Buy the Bounce indicatory, if you're looking for stock which are down no more than 1% in the last month, then do you look for only those which are down meaning -ve in percent? What if some stocks are positive in last month, why don't you include those too in your criteria?

  3. Hey Jerry, I was wondering if you ever thought of applying your methods to Crypto? It provides another easily tradeable asset in a bull market. A technician like yourself (and your followers) would do very well I imagine.

  4. When I learned from you the technical analysis in may 2020 and Infosys was the first company I had self-studied and had bought at $6. Infosys might split the stock as per the previous stock history.

  5. I'm happy to see MSTR in this video. I picked up a share when I saw it on Buy the Bounce list last week. I think it's a way to gain some exposure to Bitcoin inside my 401k account.

  6. Hi Jerry! Thanks for the explanation on buy the bounce. Wow, you really put a lot into customizing it. Is it to late to get into INMD & LSI, or should I wait to buy the bounce?

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