Magnesium Deficiency causes Sleeping Difficulty | Insomnia? Why I can't sleep?

May your insomnia be caused by magnesium deficiency? The answer coming up Hi, it’s your pharmacist Soonkie here, This video is part of a series talking …


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  1. Hi ! Soonkie 😅 Very Good Class ! I Been Taking 500 MG Magnesium & Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil 1000 MG – Mega Man Multivitamin & Vitamin D3 25mcg (1000 iu) . Exercise 6 Days A Week – And Being A Vegetarian – Little Too No Sugar – 6ft – Weight 198 Very Little Body Fat. No Smoke – No Alcohol My Age 60 All My Numbers Right. I Feel And Look 👀 30. Drink Only Water ! Feel Great 👍

  2. Soonkie, I have had severe insomnia for 10 years where I was surviving on 2 hours sleep, and only found a antidepressant that sort of works,
    Amitriptyline that relaxes the body, allows my mind to switch off enough to allow 6 to 7 hours sleep. Yes it's not ideal as I feel medicated, but at least it's better than before. 😁

  3. Thanks Soonkie – just wondering, is there a difference in insomnia treatment between those who have trouble falling asleep and those who fall asleep quickly, but often wakeup around 2 am?

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