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CONDO TOUR! Inside Our Finished New Apartment

CONDO TOUR! Inside Our Finished New Apartment Enquiries: IG: georgewarringtonuk / lucydagostino_ / thejuicyvlog Become a …


21 thoughts on “CONDO TOUR! Inside Our Finished New Apartment

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  2. I always love verandas!

  3. very nice I want one! problem is where can I get the 20M? 😁

  4. Beautiful! You have the best view!

  5. In the Philippines if the pregnant mother became more prettier than she used to be, that means she will have a daughter 🥰😍❤️but whatever gender tho..I hope she will be fine 😣 too bad if her fiancé won't be allow inside the delivery room 😣 due to covid restrictions

  6. Is there a grease trap underneath the kitchen sink ? If yes, How do you deal with that stench?

  7. I love the overall interior design!

  8. love the new apartment… congratulations guys…..

  9. good luck to the new journey of your life george and lucy.

  10. Love your new home, for the room window, have you considered korean blinds?

  11. Nice , where is the location ??

  12. Congrats to you both. Where will the child sleep when grown up, with only having one bedroom? And also where will the tv go?

  13. With the baby coming, would you have space for the nursery?

  14. Beautiful condo like LUCY .

  15. A painting above the kitchen black shelving.
    Above d foyer sofa table,an artsy mirror.Paintings on open bare walls.

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