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The glassy glassy dreams after a hurricane are some of the most fun & epic surf sessions you can have. They may not be big, but the waves can be so perfect.


23 thoughts on “GLASSY Glassy DREAMS

  1. Great video, but sorry I don't get the transfer, it's not that exciting plus u have to go back & get the board.

  2. its awesome that you can just drive onto the beach and step out and surf

  3. Dreamin' the Life, Livin' the Dream!

  4. Jordan and the umbrella! Classic! Lol

  5. Those conditions are pretty glassy. That's the dream. I can't wait to slap my Ben Gravy Semi Pro stickers on my board and get in the water this weekend.

  6. I'm sure you've been asked this question but whatever happened to DBaggs?

  7. i made a few harsh comments and wanted to make a positive one because the last weeks it looks like your having alot of fun, your surfing is way more playful, in the past i had the feeling you were "wasting" good waves, it looked like you only wanted to get barreled but now your ripping and using the wave. i like it . i wish you good waves for the future,.

  8. The wind just went of shore… I'm quitting my job at the liquor storeπŸ˜πŸ‘looking good in a suit bro.πŸ”₯

  9. Awesome. Thank you!

  10. Samba! The Brazilian Storm will approve!

  11. I watch all your vids, Ben! Hurricane Ida soon gonna be sending you some tubes in Long Beach!

  12. Where is the footage from hurricane IDA at mexico beach?? I was in the line up with you and was the guy that tried to tow in 3 times but the jet ski driver never got me close enough. It was epic out there! Florida pipeline doing its thaaaang.. I was stoked to see ya out there brother! πŸ€™πŸ€™πŸ€™πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„

  13. I had to paddle in at the pier 2 days ago. It sucks for sure but when the ocean aint giving you aint getting

  14. I would like to see Beefs and D-Bag in a video side be side.

  15. Hurricane surf in Texas was stellar

  16. Texas was so amazing today you guys got barreled a lot believe it or not perfect 2 mph winds with 6 foot waves all day long

  17. When everything lines up and makes for a perfect circumstance! 🀌🀌

  18. caught some dreamers today myself and now im watching in HD on my new computer for the dream!!!

  19. Good luck with your impending nuptials Neb Garvy.

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