Episode 033-Barry Morphew Arrest Affidavit Analysis-Part 1

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  1. The followers will come. Most think they way you do! Bypass any negativity bro. Take in the positive.πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ’•

  2. I think people are making too much out of the sheets on Mallory's bed being washed. I dont think that has anything to do with the murder because there was a discussion of a list Suzanne wrote in her handwriting with one item being "wash Mallory's sheets". However, I have a theory which is impossible to prove that the reason they needed to wash the sheets before Mallory and her friend were possibly going to stay the night (Mallory later said the plan was not for her friend Holly and Mallory to stay the night Sunday but Suzanne was just probably making sure they were clean in case they stayed the night.), was that either Suzanne or Barry had been sleeping in that room because of their marital problems and they needed to clean them for a guest. Why else would they need to clean them if Mallory was the last to sleep there and Mallory was going to sleep their again but with her friend also in the bed. Just a hunch. Normally I would not care if they had marital issues or not but it goes against Barry's statement that he had a perfect marriage which in many ways has been disproved and a motive. He came home and caught Suzanne texting her BF and perhaps Suzanne used that moment to demand a divorce and Barry snapped.

  3. Dusty -I wanna SCREAM from the mountain tops——"DUSTY IS BACK!!!!β™₯" So love everything about YOU and your channel!You keep it honest/classy /informative /humourous/and REAL !!!Look out predators -DUSTY IS BACKβ™₯-Leah

  4. Which one is it Barry? He said Suzanne had drunken eyes on that day, meanwhile they had perfect dinner with perfect sex because she didn't have alcohol in her body that day. The list just goes on and on…

  5. I also think that the Bobcat is somehow involved in hiding Suzanne. I too would like to know where the barefoot marks were on the bucket. Since the GPS (Telematics) on the Bobcat use the Verizon network and everyone say's that there is no cell service at the Puma Path house, then the Bobcat would not connect and could be moved without anybody knowing it. If Barry tried to disconnect his truck Telematics before realizing that by doing so the truck would not run, so he connected it back up, but maybe with the Bobcat you can disconnect the GPS from finding the Verizon Network once it got a signal again. The telematics show that Barry backed his truck the length of his driveway which seem to be the distance from the garage where his truck would be parked to where he kept the Bobcat and trailer across the driveway. Does Macy's RR have a hitch? I read that Barry was aware that Suzanne's RR did have telematics but the affidavit did not address that so I would love to hear about that and what about Mace's RR. If its possible to either show that Barry used one of the RR's to take the trailer and Bobcat somewhere, or if its possible to rule that out then we know Barry drove the Bobcat close by that night to dig a hole. I think he dug a hole and planted a tree on top (He was seen throwing away a planter, why would he otherwise do that in Broomfield?) and placed boulders also to make it look like the ground was not disturbed. I dont see Barry digging a hole manually with a shovel when he owns a digging tractors such as the Bobcat. We do know that Barry was wearing a camouflage coat (he was shown throwing one way, why would he otherwise do that?) which means he was not working hard because a coat would be too hot to dig manually and wore lace up work boots.

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