Summer Wells: Tweetsie Railroad Shaped Like Sun God Ra With The Carousel Located Within Its Eye WTF

I don’t believe it! Look what I found now. I was watching my Summer Wells Mystery Hill maps video and noticed Tweetsie Railroad, is shaped like a bird’s head …


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  1. It’s known that American was made off of Freemason beliefs. Pentagrams in the Washington DC. I’m American btw. A lotta occult stuff here if you know what to look for. Most people are ignorant to it or chose not to see this stuff. Thank you for your vid.

  2. Your spot on with your findings & date, they are shockingly amazing! These scum do worship the sun god ra & horus, & that map wow just wow you definitely see through these creatures & see how they work, & this is just more confirmation, thank you & well done! ❤️

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