#Parrots_Plucking Why Do Parrots Pluck & What To Do About It #Parrot_Bliss

One of the most attractive things about parrots is their colorful feathers. But what do you do if your parents start plucking? What causes plucking? And, more …


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  1. I have a female Cape Parrot who plucks at certain times of the year.
    Could be hormonal. I did not agree with the first avian bet I took her to.
    She only takes baths in her water dish which only gets her head wet.
    This vet told me to put her in the sink and spray her down. I did it 2x. It was horrible. Bird Tricks just came out with a Aloe Vera spray using a unique spray bottle. I gave her 2 spray baths today. She tolerated it fine. My new Avian Vet feels she needs to be taking a lot more baths than one every couple months. All of her blood work came back fine. He feels we should start by cleaning up her feathers and see if it helps.

  2. Great information. I agree with your comment that it’s so important to not wait. Get that bird to an avian vet. There are things that can be checked and there are great medications that can help, as well as CBD. In my opinion this is such an important video, not just for the birds but the owners. It really is a guilt producing problem.❤️

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