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Ask Gundry – Why are Italians so Healthy?

Italy #Healthy #DrGundry Dr. Gundry answers helpful questions from his viewers about diet and health. In today’s episode, Dr. Gundry answers the question: …


6 thoughts on “Ask Gundry – Why are Italians so Healthy?

  1. Thanks for watching! Are there any health topics you'd like to know more about? Let me know in the comments below

    – Dr G

  2. One day Dr Gundry I'm gonna tell you about my Italian grandmother who lived to 102. Many of her healthy ways have come back to me after reading your books.

  3. Hi Dr. Gundry, thanks for doing all that you do. Respect and Love from India. Can you please confirm if Fox Nuts are approved.

  4. What about Wild Caught Skinless & Boneless Sardines in 100% Olive Oil & what about Purple Rice.

  5. Looking quite well, Dr Gundry!

  6. Dr. Is it ok to substitute my Rice with bulgur? I've been eating Millet but it's high in carbs too

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