David Benavidez Boxing Style Breakdown | Vicious!

I take a look a closer look at the action pack boxing style of Benavidez. I analyze the areas that have made him so successful and …


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  1. It’s sad for young fighter just because of not being on they stripped the belt from, but when it comes to others fighters that use peds and steroids and clearly it shows on their body,they’re good to go and action against just a fucking few months and they keep doing their shit and it’s alright but for other fighters it’s not..money buys everything right!!!!

  2. Overrated…Does nothing different or special that sets him apart or makes me think he'll beat any top guy. No defense and poor head movement along with terrible slow footwork. Also doesn't have 1 punch KO power like y'all claim. Canelo absolutely wrecks him and he will struggle against moving fighters like Plant and Charlo

  3. Awesome video man! S/o to my favorite boxer David Benavidez 🚩🥊. Your breakdown was excellent. Head movement is definitely something I’ve said he needs to add to his game. He’s young so definitely has time to work on things.

  4. He stops canelo. People will be shocked how easy it will be, if canelo ever has the balls to fight him which I doubt.

    Great analysis overall. David is a much smarter and skilled fighter than most people give him credit for. He is more than just a basic pressure fighter. He is the most vicious fighter since a prime Manny imo.

  5. I think he beats canelo now. It’s a 50/50 fight for me rn. He put a beating on Bivol and alex gvozdyk already. Lots of top champions go to benavidez for sparring, I’m sparring is different but there’s a reason they’re going to him and they get beat up

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