“Preemptively Took Out A Hit Piece” — Energy Author Fought The Washington Post And Won

In late March, the Washington Post was planning on releasing a hit piece targeting Alex Epstein, the author of the upcoming book Fossil Future: Why Global Human Flourishing Requires More Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas–Not Less.

The crux of the hit piece was taking something Alex Epstein had written at the age of 18 and attempting to frame it as racist.

Instead of backing down, Alex Epstein went on offense.

Here is the entire takedown of the hit piece.

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Days later the hit piece never came out and Epstein pointed out the author had written multiple other stories.

Finally, the article came out — but the “racist” attacks were gone.

Scott Adams released a short video explaining how amazing a feat this was:

Adams also pointed out that there has been a boomerang effect on The Washington Post and they are now being forced to defend themselves.

If you’d like to support Alex Epstein, pre-order a copy of “Fossil Future” from your favorite bookstore. 

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