How Does George Feel About the Tafee Bowle? // V*pe Controversy // Misguided Vape Passion

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  1. Man gotta love George, such a pleasant guy and knowledgeable about his stuff! Great guest to have on. Maybe sometime we can get a Bowle versus Minivap segment..? Or a glass core versus Teflon core? I just got the glass core edition, it'll be here monday super stoked! It is true this vape is over 10 years old and is apparently top dog in the game, but yet doesn't get much coverage it seems.. 😉

  2. Took Jerrys advice on the Bowle and bought it and have been stoked ever since. When I saw Jerry take a hit and interrupted and said “I just want to say that hit right there was ridiculous. And it felt like I inhaled nothing.” I pulled over and ordered it from POTV that very second. “World Class Vape” as Jerry would say.

  3. The Bowle is easily the best at home portable on the market. It's the only on-demand convection style portable that doesn't require stirring.

  4. George's commentary about his friend who has young kids (around 7:45) relates directly to me, and is one of the many reasons that I love the Bowle. It takes up very little space, doesn't necessarily look nefarious, and has the best effects of any portable I've used (and I've used a lot).

  5. I don't think the cup part of the Bowle will ever catch on, it kind of looks cheap and gimmicky with the plastic. I'd likely buy a vape from them, just not something that comes with liquid damage as a possibility

  6. Something about carrying around a cup. It's big. They should use the same mechanics and make Something else or take the cup out. Just big, for me that was the put off. Sounds like I should give it a try though. 🤔

  7. I'd go so far as to say that a number of the tinkerers we're seeing right now are the future Dynavap Georges and Sticky Brick Kennys of the industry. There is an absolute TON of enthusiast innovation that is outpacing even the major brands. It's a pretty wicked time to be 'into" these technologies. With regards to the Bowle, I appreciate the designer's desire to renormalize how we think of these devices, but it is a lofty goal and the design never struck a chord with me, because without the cup it looks like a goofy puck, and with it, it looks like a cheap child's cup. I think if Taffe were to redesign the core of the Bowle into a straight no non-sense vape (with more battery capacity), I'd give it a hard look.

  8. I think the plastic cup instantly place it as cheap or gimmicky if it rolled out with glass first I believe it would have shaped out as a stealth device or incognito vaporizer

  9. The Bowle is brilliant. I was very much against closed-source systems after getting a Mighty that simply didn't do the trick for me compared to nail-based desktopsbricksDynasetc. But for some reason this weird cup vaporizer that Troy and Jerry liked so much convinced me to give it a try, and it's, like, really good. It covers everything you want for a casual experience while still delivering top quality vapor. Not my first choice for getting shitfaced but as you guys said when I'm with friends or hanging outside it's all I use now.

  10. I love my Bowle, was the same as George stopped using almost all my others. I am waiting on mine to be fixed so that I can have a second.

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