Kremlin Rejects Biden’s Warning of Russian Cyberattack; Zelensky Insists on Meeting With Putin | NTD

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  2. I don't think teachers are worth a raise. The teachers union has masked our children, indoctrinating them into socialist fundamentals, pushed evil CRT. Sadly, I have lost all respect of a profession that is no longer honorable but reached a low ebb of integrity.

  3. Here is a real novel idea 💡. Instead of finding homes 🏠 specifically for the Ukraine refugees. Let’s include The US Veteran who is homeless as well. Let’s Not Forget also those who may be down on their luck for whatever reason. Americans 1st

  4. Democrat they just run around look over here look over here no now look over here look over here because the s** just about to hit the fan for the Biden family and the clintons and the Pelosi's and the Schumer's and the Shifty shifts

  5. The Chinese ambassador didn’t mock her. She wouldn’t let him get in a word as she relentlessly bullied him. Is that journalism or a female that can’t control her emotions?

  6. Russia has some of the best hackers in the world. On top of that China manufacturers just about every electronic out there from smartphones, to televisions, to PCs what if they have encrypted software installed on these devices for things like extracting information?

  7. So we have the US possibly attacking Ukraine with a bioweapon and blaming Russia, or the US causing a cyber attack on the US and blaming Russia. I wonder if Russia gets sick of getting blamed for all the false-flag attacks.

  8. maybe yall should be talking about the fact that Ukrainian members of parliament and other high level officials are fleeing the country with suitcases FULL of American dollars…millions and millions of dollars

  9. Russia doesn't care what Biden says, they know he is compromised, the media should investigate that fact, sorry that's disinformation, just like Hunter's lap top

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