Will Lori and Chad Have Different Trials?

Docket: 02:35 Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow 13:41 Chandler Halderson 17:44 Anna Delvey 20:32 Ron Jeremy 22:16 Texas crash …


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  1. I watched the entirety of the halderson court case. I have never been as affected by watching these cases as I was with this one. It was more chilling than a mystery thriller movie or book, mainly because it was actual events and not fiction. I know my family was glad when I stopped talking about it, but I was just in crazy disbelief this could happen in a “normal” family.

  2. In my view I believe the long arm of the LDS leadership are very busy in the Daybell/Vallow case. They want this swept under the rug. All involved are LDS members and some are leaders in their own areas. East Idaho is heavy Mormon..
    90 plus %

  3. We all knew about that laptop a year ago. They believed a fake dossier, no questions, but a real laptop, they want to pretend it didn't exist.😂 Pathetic. Thank you for the truth.

  4. I don't see how the state would separate the trail it would cost too much. Besides where is Chad going anyway, He is guilty. I see Mr. Prior just trying to get his money's worth before the money runs out.

  5. Wait a minute! Isn't there a law on the books forbidding convicted persons from receiving compensation for their criminal behavior and exploits? It sounds like she got the proceeds from Netflix and used part of them to pay restitution and court costs, legal fees! Did I get that law wrong or did everyone simply turn their heads in order to get paid?

  6. I babied my daughter (now 24 years old) and now I am raising my 3 year old grandson because she is super violent and beat the crap outta me in front of my grandson and had to go to jail. Now she's in the psych ward and I'm wondering what the hell…..

  7. That’s got to annihilate Chad Daybell’s ego that the only reason a pretty girl married him was because she was psychotic.
    And he murdered his loving, doting, wife for no reason.

  8. Without Lori’s competence, the evidence for murder rests solely on Chad because he sent the text about killing a raccoon and the bodies were found later in his pet cemetery.

  9. I think the Daybell case will be severed, Lori’s plea will be changed to an insanity defense and Chad may request a plea deal to take the death penalty off the table. The evidence against both is so damning, and they can’t blame Alex because he’s dead, too, by mysterious causes much like Tammy Daybell. When will those deaths be scrutinized more, as well as that of Lori’s previous husbands? These two were certainly the perfect storm of crazy. Their Mormon beliefs did not serve them well…or anyone around them, for that matter.

  10. I don’t think it a coincidence that you pulled this Hunter Biden thing out of your ass just when President Biden’s approval is going up. Frequently I ignore your right-wing leanings, but occasionally you are so blatant, I’m forced to speak up.

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