We Love Gilbert Gottfried/ They Can't Cancel Funny, Episode 1330

Much of today’s show is devoted to Comedy Miracle Gilbert Gottfried who died this week at the age of 67. Topics: Remembering …


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  1. I can't help it I often laughs at inappropriate unwoke and Politically Incorrect humor, this does not mean that I am a dirtbag, you never know and do not have any control over what will strike us as funny at any given moment

  2. Ty for the truth of Gilbert.
    No comic made me laugh harder.
    Gilbert on Howard Stern was perfect!
    Doc on his life from 2017 is both funny, & touching.

  3. I was gonna say a BUNCH of critical things about your show and how ABSOLUTELY horrible it is but I changed my mind and instead wanted to say HOW MUCH I really appreciate the classy nature, style, MATURITY and of course Expertise that The lovely and TRULY AMAZING Grace Jackson has brought to this show.

  4. What's the point of having the dumbest "professor" on the planet as a weekly guest?? It's your show of course, but you could get any number of small YouTubers (who were not lucky enough to be legacy-Brooks's show) to be on the show. Burgis should just concentrate on stinking up his own show so that the rest of us don't have to smell him!!!

  5. David thank you for the last few episodes especially when you talk about mortality and how to grief, I lost my father just a few days ago from a stroke at only 73 years of age.
    The last three episodes since my dad died has been so good for me that I need to thank you. I used to be able to see a psychiatrist but the only one that was available out where I live moved and now I'm kind of left high and dry to deal with it myself.

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