Oops! Wall Street Is Set To Lose BILLIONS From Russia

Market Recap: 0:00 Intro 0:48 The Wall Of Worry: Russia 22:32 Market Performance 25:20 Commodities 28:00 Options 32:40 Heat …


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  1. Janet Yellen is a Deep State Beltway despicable low life. Janet got $7.1 Million from Wall Street Banks 2018, 2019 for "speaking Fees" and never a word from mainstream media. During confirmation hearings our elected officials failed to ask one question about Wall Street having their hand in her pocket. Just horrible, the low quality cast of characters in Washington D.C.

  2. Satan's White House and Federal Reserve Bank simply created this whole mess. Push Putin into the point where he must defend Russia, blame it all on him with and others while keeping the focus off of Biden's illegal deals in Ukraine and elsewhere. Trump's pet Scamdemic, carried on by others will be the other excuse. this all makes 2019 look like the good ol days!

  3. This is perfect analysis of what is happening in the geopolitical world right now. It doesn鈥檛 matter that I have a different view on a few things (like electric cars & alt. energy) than Mav, his primary thesis and overall appraisal is that of a seer. He nails it! 馃憦 Bravo!!!

  4. Peace by letting the thieving ganster c**t take whatever he wants? I say if he asks to take your a hol, go ahead Putin, peace…. F U maverick. Unsubed!

  5. you re the fn man, if u ran for president i guarantee you d do better than these idiots we keep getting no matter what the party…except they d probably mark u for not playing ball..keep up the vids man i really enjoy it

  6. The Maverick of Fools is wrong here STOCKS ARE NOT CRASHING…..Nobody thinks that this was will last longer than 2 months….its over
    Look somewhere else for you FUD, Maverick of Bullshit !

  7. I'm very conservative on my 401k technically moderate I've lost 17000 215000 to 198000 irnonically my wells trade gold silver uranium miners is up.bad news only 13000 in it

  8. Things are not looking good for the economic future, but pretty sure you are over stating how much of an impact a lot of this will do to the US. We are essentially self sufficient if we wanted to be, we effect global markets than they effect us.

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