Russia Escalates Its Ukraine Assault as Putin’s Aides Question His Sanity | The Daily Show

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is not going as he planned, with Russia facing more severe sanctions and bold resistance, …


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  1. Where were you trevor when gaza was being bombed for three weeks straight, is it because they are not white or is it because america stood with isreal js

  2. Hes not telling the whole story, thats just one sided propaganda in support of united states position, dont believe everything you hear

  3. You shut up, you have so many headaches about Ukraine. People say you are too brave to speak out against the injustice that I see here But I don't see you speaking out or protesting for Palestine, Syria, Gaza to stop the war first there…???!!!
    Oh you can't do that because your father usa ans Israel will f you up and throw you out from this country.

  4. The banana massacre in One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
    Really happens in some countries including iran
    Nobody would ever believe it ,but they were 1800 protesters, they shot them out mit snipers and then denied

  5. Russia, Israel, US, all the same. they think they have the right to destroy other nations. Only the lives of those in rich countries matter the rest of us are casualties.

  6. But no one made a segment on Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Lebanon and so many more midle Eastern countries but when the white get attacked everyone cries because that's what matters everyone acted all the companies everything and for some reason everyone is against Putin but where were they when he attacked Syria it's such a shame I'm not belittling what's happening in Ukrain its horrible too they are human beings but why is everyone crying for them only when the rest of the world suffered before and everyone shut their eyes

  7. Only one or two things are going to stop this war either Ukraine gives Russia what they want or somebody is going to put together a special ops team to put Putin down other then that just sit back and enjoy your popcorn as russia takes over the Ukraine anyway.

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