Rat Poison Toxicity in Dogs

Dr Jones’ Free Book Rodenticide poisoning in dogs is becoming an increasing problem as the …


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  1. What do you think of RatX and MouseX? It states it is all natural and only affects rodents. It prevents the rodent from feeling thirst and thus they get lethargic. They go back to den to go to sleep, go into coma and never wake up.

    I have never used it. Trying to find something safe for my aunt to use on her farm. Thanks!

  2. Hi Dr. Jones, my dog ate Cholecalcifer rat poison. I didn't find out he do so until maybe 2 or 3 days later. He is now in acute renal failure. He was admitted to the hospital for discospondylitis and his CREA levels were very high. He was given IV antibiotics and has been home for a week or more. I'm now noticing blood in his urine. I plan on taking him back to the hospital this weekend for further treatment. Also, I'm giving him subcutaneous fluids at home. A liter a day. The time line when this all started is been about 3-4 weeks now. I'm really concerned for my dog. He is 4 years old and won't eat now and won't eat his oral meds. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated.

  3. I had a cat when I was in high school that had gotten into rat poison or was either given it by someone which my parents and I think it was that mean old man across the street did. He hated cats for some reason that never makes sense. Perkins died at the Vets. My Dad tried getting him to eat and drink some water. When I got home from school and Momma got home from work we all rushed him to the Vet where he was kept over night but didn't make it. The Dr said he had strychnine in his blood. Broke my heart. I cried for months. At that time my parents let the cats roam they were indoor outdoor cats. Perkins was fixed and didn't go far. My parents had their pets spayed and neutered.

  4. I once watched a rat dying from poison our neighbors had put out. The poor thing was desperately trying to get to our stream for water.

    I will never forget the terrified look in its eyes. We won't use poison. At least being whacked in the head is over faster. Poison was slow and obviously agonizing. 💔

  5. Veterinary secrets- can you suggest an eye drop I can buy without prescription that's Similar to neo poly DeX please. Costs hundreds just to see the vet eye specialist to get this & I'm not working. Thank u

  6. Yeh, poisons just don't have a place, maybe a few extremes in ag, but largely nope, thanks Doc. When I was a kid, growing up out in the country, we'd hide up in the hay in of my buudy's grampa's cow barn and "snipe" the rats as they would come out with our pellet rifles. Every now and again a rat would come out, wobbley, bloated, and staggering. The poor things would litterally decompress, some would not really explode, but rupture and the insides would get pushed out by the pressure. Those we were deffinitely doing a favor. They were one's that evidently got into the rat poison. I won't use poison because of that. I have became pretty "live and let live" as I get older, but there is still the duty to protect, and I'd club a panda with a baby seal to feed or protect my family. But if I have any other way, sealing off, diverting, storing feed responsibly, etc to avoid killing, that's first. If not, I live trap, and then sort out and dispatch humanely.
    IMHO Live trap, let squirrels, chipmunks, and cats go.
    Glue traps for mice, are a downright sick, demented, unnessicarily evil device. I used once, and will never use again.

  7. Never use these poisons. Never. If anything finds a poisoned mouse, such as a dog, cat, hawk, or any other animal that MIGHT eat or play with a dead or live mouse or rat. There are other ways to kill rodents. DON'T use these poisons, ever. Who developed these rat poisons did not consider the effects on the rest of life.

  8. Another excellent video, thank you so much. Btw you're still brilliant!!!! We have a plethora of hints and tips and a cupboard full of natural remedies thanks to you. Keep em coming!!!

  9. This scare me so much. Sofie doggo is very curious and she was trying to catch a 🐁 in my bedroom. So i put like cages traps protected with wood to keep Sofie nose away from the traps.

  10. i see these products sold in many general corner shops in the UK , and other crual rat products , im against all products that harm animals , all animals belong to this earth and are just trying to survive , they dont mean to be pests, the biggest pests on this earth is us humans , we do the most damage.

  11. I have neighbors that has chickens so there fore I seem to have Rats, Coach Roaches & influx of Pigeons 2 separate of the days.
    We are not zoned for chickens in the city.
    The City won't do anything about it. Been there done that.

    But I have 5 cats. 2 of them go outside.
    What I can tell U what I do for the Rats, it's some work, but fron my Heart it Helps Tremdously!

    Last year I had a Dead or Live Rat in my backyard every single morning from about Latw March to Mid-October.

    I would have to put down my coffee cup & go dispose of it. Not something I look forward to doing when I wake up at 4am.

    I would do these simple things every single night. I do have a Pest control company but it's just not enough.

    The minute 2 or 3rd nights would by not doing these I would start to see them show up.

    Right when the sun is going down I would:

    1. Place Moth Balls on top of the Walls surrounding my Property. It works!
    I know they are expensive. I know. But I do not want them on top of my house or worse.

    And the Rats I have seen are Pretty BIG.

    And I would place the Mothballs about a foot apart on top of the wall.

    And then I would randomly throw some at the wall to have the pieces of the Moth balls scatter cover some area down on the ground. Place them all around the edges of yoyr home.

    Throw a couple up under any stored vehicle U might have or Bar BQ grill property U do not want them getting into!

    2. For the Coachroaches & other creepy critters I never saw till I started hearing chicken sounds every morning. I use Home Defense outdoor spray. It says it works up to 6 months. Trust me it works but U have to use it often, then it works. It's safe on my pets. They don't seem to get sick.
    I spray that around the perimetor of my home & spray along down the center blocks around my home.

    OMG. No More Roaches or Big Bettles. I don't know where they are going but they are 'not' coming to my house now.

    3. Then I would use either 1/2 Water & Peppermint or any Insect "Peppermint" Spray. That I would Spray right on the Edge ALL the Way down the Walls. That is like the Nail in the confin for Keeping them away.

    Sounds like a alot to do every day. But works. I would spray before I hard off to work in the morning. And then at night in the evenings.

    Once U get a pattern down & learning where in your yard not to go cheap on, U get really, really fast at it.

    My 2 cats are fine. But I can't use poisoning & my Pest lady will not do it because she doesn't anything to happen to them. So this is the most organic none toxic way I know how to go.

    Last year I cought about 20 Rats in my backyard. This year, only 2. And only bexause my cat chased it down. Good video. Sorry for ao long of a comment.

  12. My neighbor killed his dog by giving him rat poison. I asked what’s wrong with your dog, and he said he didn’t want the dog anymore so I put him out of his misery. I said why didn’t you tell me before, and he answered…it’s my dog and I do whatever. Some people don’t deserve a pet. He’s my neighbor and I don’t want any problems with him and that’s why I didn’t called the cops. Moving soon anyway.

  13. Whenever I use rat poison I make a hole on the side stick peanut butter in it and the poison sticks to it , then I tie the bottle with wire on both sides an put the in places there is no way the cats or the dogs can get to it. Been doing this for a long time and never had a poisoned cat or dog. Maybe I will make a video as to how I do it !

  14. Several years ago, we had adopted a pair of puppies, a brother and sister.
    Someone deliberately poised them.
    Unfortunately, we found the first one I had died and I just assumed maybe it was a medical event or some health related Dess. A month later, I heard the other one screaming, making the most awful sound I’ve ever heard from a dog. By the time I got to her she was already dead
    It was absolutely the worst thing to witness.
    We lost them both, a month apart from each other.
    If people are going to use something like this, it needs to be carefully monitored.
    Really glad you took the time to make this video and help educate people.

  15. I once used Decon in the house due to mice. I stuck the bait in places physically impossible for my 80 lb dog to reach. What I didn't anticipate was that the mice themselves can move the bait. I came home from work and found a piece of bait laying in the open and my heart froze… thankfully my dog didn't want to eat it. The decon specifically actually is made to be appealing to rodents, so why wouldn't it be appealing to pets? Be very careful with this stuff.

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