Cherry OG Live Resin from Five Leaf Wellness. FIRE!! | CBD Hemp Flower Review

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  1. For people who have thc sensitivity, don't lose hope that you can never enjoy it again the rest of your life.

    Just like thc sensitivity can spontaneously come about, it can spontaneously go away as well. Happened to me and a few other people I know.

    However you do have to regain control of your mind, since it gets programmed to expect the anxiety. Your body goes through soo many changes as we age, you just have to be in tune with it and not let the fear take hold in your mind, because then your body will follow. (I am not specifically referring to OP buy using the words "you" and "your").

  2. I tried one of those live resin carts from hemp hop. The 3% thc/ 60% cbd ratio is perfect for me. Not cult of the franklin territory, but a stronger thc-boost than hemp flower provides

  3. wanna thank you for getting me into the hemp game, used to standard dispo flower but most of the time I wanna be able to function and be productive

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