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Testosterone makes us sparkle! Will it save a marriage? Here is how to apply and use safely. ;-)

Testosterone is a part of any smart woman’s HRT. It is identical, it is cheap, it is safe. You won’t hear any ads for this because it’s a …


5 thoughts on “Testosterone makes us sparkle! Will it save a marriage? Here is how to apply and use safely. ;-)

  1. My gynecologist started me on 2 mg per day and when I told her it wasn't helping, she bumped me up to 4 mg per day but, when she tested me and found my numbers were "too high," she wanted to take me back down to 1 mg per day. I respectfully told her no thank you and transferred my records to another doctor. As she had me on the higher dose, I had so much energy and mental happiness…..I begged her not to take my dose back down but she told me that I would not find the fountain of youth in hormone therapy……She told me that I would start having unwanted side effects such as growing facial hair and other androgenic side effects…….She clearly hadn't done her research. I couldn't get out of her office quickly enough. For crying out loud!! I don't want "normal for a postmenopausal woman." I want "normal for a premenopausal woman." If we can achieve that we HRT, WHY NOT?! I do NOT agree with their perspective….

  2. How do you know when you have optimised? So much to tinker, if you increase one, do you have to increase the other? Rightly there is so much more publicity and information for women on HRT products but it seems there are so many women saying it’s changed their lives for the better, if you feel like it’s not doing much for you even though you have increased dosage, added testosterone etc you can feel like a bit of a failure. But this is really helpful, I will take the information to my GP and see if I can get it on the NHS as I am paying privately for Androfeme and it is so expensive I can’t afford to tinker with the dosages too much.

  3. Thank you for this, Kitty! I studied the Global Position Statement on testosterone for women, and under “Who to treat” you highlighted a sentence saying women with a high SHBG are less likely to benefit from treatment. I’d like to know what determines our SHBG, and whether we can have any influence over how much we produce? I know SHBG binds the sex hormones, which makes them not really available to bind on receptor sites, correct?
    My SHBG was recently measured and it was 110 nmol/L, which is kind of high, I think, given the range given is 17 – 125 nmol/L. I use estradiol patch and progesterone pill.

  4. Wow! Where are you able to get it for $20/mo? I've only been able to find it at $75.

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