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Q&A: How To Nurture Our Mental Health Through Winter | Health | Trinny

This film was saved from a live Q&A on Trinny Woodall Facebook on 19th January 2022. Join Trinny and Dr Shabir from Victoria …


11 thoughts on “Q&A: How To Nurture Our Mental Health Through Winter | Health | Trinny

  1. Love Shabir – limitless plus are an excellent supplement for a boost in mood

  2. Due to moving last year I severely neglected my supplement regiment and oh my goodness. I started again last month and especially the vitamin d, prebiotics, B vitamins and magnolia rhodiola (amazing) make the biggest difference for me. I am not suggesting it would replace any medication but it just takes the edge of. For me it means I can manage my mood so much more effectively and I dont need to go on medication.

  3. I'm from Connecticut and January can be terrible, it's a very cold, snowy, icy and dark month. It's very depressing and as I get older it gets worse. Trying self care and different things to help through.

  4. I adore your chats with Shabir and am a VH customer. Would love some new suggestions beyond zinc, multi, NAC etc for post COVID exhaustion and nagging mucus (gross, sorry). Also, would love to hear Shabir address mycotoxins and mold in the home. Dealing with this for years here in California. Such a bummer. Thanks so much 🌺

  5. As always this was very helpful – it would be even better if all the products mentioned were listed ( with links)

  6. Can you please list the supplements discussed?

  7. Could you please let us know the links of the supplements?

  8. Oxford Mindfulness Centre is wonderful! I am a therapist (for 36 years!) in Arizona and California Triinny. We are the same age and I’ve adored you for many years. Thank you for all you do! ❤️❤️❤️

  9. I've been with you since you started your channel, I love that you are highlighting mental health issues. So delighted that your subscribers are huge, won't be long until you hit one million followers. 🥰💖👍

  10. The First Like and Commen.! Thanks

  11. I am the first viewer

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