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How I launched my first product| Money Mondays $$$$ | Business Q & A

Thanks for watching my video! Text the word “ELITE” TO 407-537-3173 to join our Elite VIP squad. Shop our Elite Hair Care and …


14 thoughts on “How I launched my first product| Money Mondays $$$$ | Business Q & A

  1. Video is of poor quality, going off and on!

  2. Aw i ordered on black friday did not get the sample oh dear

  3. I have purchased the HERO product – and have a few things in my cart. But What happen to the weight loss products?

  4. Hi Crystal, just want you to know that I appreciate the info you share, thank you for sharing your gifts with us, I'm new on the site, but I've been tuning in on Youtube as much as I can, may God enlarge your gifts in wisdom, take care, Sara

  5. Watching the repost! Awesome information I passed it on to my aunt and my cousin my cousin has a skin care line as well as natural hair care line and my aunt is about to start selling jewelry and she wants to learn how to market.

  6. Hey CRYSTAL sorry I missed the live money Mondays. Had a small surgery today. But I am watching the replay now at 7pm. And as always I appreciate your generosity with your knowledge and time. Thanks again! One Love 💕

  7. where can I buy the coffee

  8. Mrs crystal hu darling question for you can we find your products in Amazon mama?

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