Dave Chappelle – For What It's Worth (REACTION!!!) PT2

OPEN WITH CAUTION– We Live. We are Country and Snappa. Enjoy. Like. Comment.


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  1. littering was a big problem in the 60's and 70's
    you can find Native American on the east coast, especially in those southeastern states.
    Oh! and I thought I was looking a two Native Americans, I'll bet they have some native DNA

  2. The American Indian… (traditionally) you could say, is a sort of Naturist… they lived outside… they respected and lived off the land in a Natural Way… America was invaded… then the Natural Land was destroyed and built upon… hence the joke about the wrapper being thrown on the floor and a tear coming out of his eye. 😁

  3. The single tear running down the native American's face was taken from an old commercial from the 70,s or 80,s about littering. A native American man sees someone litter and he cries one tear.

  4. The Indian joke regarding shedding a tear refers to a very famous and popular commercial back in the 70's that referred to littering… Native Americans take it as a huge disrespect to litter the land. So can you imagine after several generations, they went from owning this land and living wholesome lives, then to see what it's turned into is just… well, SAD!!!

  5. Holy crap, I am old – back in the day, a famous commercial 'series' was about littering and conservation. A white family drives to some state park and leaves garbage somewhere, and an old Native American comes out, and because they littered, he cried. One single tear. I remember about 3 different commercials…

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