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Coach Lockey is giving a lucky giveaway winner, James, his swing analysis in his latest golf lesson video. Give you tips and drills …



  1. could you also post on Rumble?

  2. My target handicap is to get from 5 down to 2

  3. Loving the channel coach, keep up the good work. For me my wedge play and putting is what I'm working on the most and that's where I'm seeing the results. Had a +8 round where I usually play my handicap of 12. Fingers crossed I can keep it consistent 🤞

  4. currently 16 would love to get to 12

  5. Trying to get from 4.4 to 2-3

  6. Lockey Army here! Was a 9 most of last year but slide the last two months to an 11. I’m back on track so far and would like to firm things up and get to a 7 this year! Shotscope, approach needs

  7. Just down to 17 Hcp en target is 15,5

  8. Would love to get down to 10hc. Keeping driver in play would really help.

  9. I'd love to be able to slice the ball at will. If I massively over exaggerate to try and hit a huge slice, I end up with a straight shot/2 yard draw. This is probably not the video for me ha.

    Handicap currently 7.7 following a long break, looking to get back down under 5 this year.

  10. Went from 13 to 20, would like to get back to 15. Short game needs a lot of work 😂😂

  11. 10 handicap for 2022 coach!

  12. Matt mate does the cbd oil help with finger joints , im asking as your taking that oil but you have lost the abillity to reply to comments !!! 🤣🤣🤣 just a little boit of interaction with your followers and you may get more subscibers , you lazy lazy git ! 🤣😉

  13. I play off 12.
    When I was 17 as a junior the best played off single figures
    All I want to do is get to single figures off the back tees and then go back to the course I played as a junior 44 years ago.
    Can you help me make the next step to single figures and fulfil my dream

  14. Hi coach, my target is 12🙏🏼

  15. Want to get to +2

  16. Lockey on the office, a nice green and white combo 😉

  17. Hcp currently 15. By the end of this season aim to be off 12. Need help with driver rarely if ever comes out of the bag. Most of the time 3w off the tee.

  18. Target is 11 currently 15.

  19. I wanted to get to 4, I was off 8 but have dropped to nearly 11.. family, work and general cost of golf means I’m not going to improve in the short term.

  20. 17 hcp according to 18 Birdies app lol would love to be around 12 hcp..btw, how come you didn’t talk about squaring the clubface at impact? does fixing the club path fix the face as well? thanks coach!!

  21. The sway back is always a killer. So important to turn that right hip back “right on top of the ball”. I gotta try that CBD oil!

  22. I’m a 23 handicap player ATM. 18 is my goal for the season. I better get practicing. Keep the videos coming.
    Peace bra

  23. I'd like to get cut to 4 from 6 😬😬😬

  24. Target handicap would be drop my handicap from 18 to 10

  25. currently playing off 6.4, would love to get down to sub 5!

  26. Nice tips cheers coach my WHS gone up to 12.6 would love to get below 10 but in reality don’t play enough. Don’t worry about the paint mate I’d get rid of the Arsenal shirt first🙂

  27. Good tips coach, as low as possible 🤞

  28. Currently at a 4.9 and would like to get that to 3

  29. Hi Coach! Nice to see you posting. My target is 5. Working hard. Would love some advice. Currently sitting at 7.8. I was chasing a little distance with driver…found it and pulled accuracy back into play. ❤️ Callaway!

  30. Currently 17.1 aiming for 14 or under by mid summer

  31. Want to get back to single figures from eleven please coach

  32. My target is to go from a 21 to an 18.

  33. Target HC for me is under the teens. Aiming for 11 or 12.

  34. Hi coach, heading for 16 this year losing 5.7 on the driver and 3.7 on the putter.

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