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Watch: TODAY All Day – Nov. 9

Watch TODAY All Day, where you can watch the latest TODAY broadcasts, highlights from the archives and exclusive TODAY All …


11 thoughts on “Watch: TODAY All Day – Nov. 9

  1. Little kids and fat people. We love it cheese

  2. But when Black People talk about generations of dna torture and fear, we are told that that is not something that is "debilitating." But this dude lose tens pounds, and can afford a "proper psychiatrist." Hypocrites. Are y'all liberals or conservatives??

  3. I wish the Rabbi had told us what anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication was prescribed by the psychiatrist.

  4. He looks like Howie Mandel’s older brother! Even the same voice Tom!

  5. Yes i like it watch today all day in 30 from my friendship america i like it so much congratulation

  6. Covid-vaccine is an obstruction of covid virus to create new variant, it only able to hide the symptoms after get infected, at the same time to enhance your immunity system to against the virus temporarily like Morphine-Sulfate.
    Covid-19 is cumulative and permanently stay at human body's T-Cell then cause it malfunction to replicate, destroy and spread even you have fully recovered from covid infection or fully vaccinated. Peoples will die in covid one day when the immunity system become weak%5

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  8. Joe Biden’s continuous disastrous policies confirm everything that I put forth
    in my new video entitled ‘COME ON MAN!…THE BALLAD OF SLEEPY JOE”.

  9. Why medicate normal anxiety when you can find out the reason for concern to good health.

  10. sᴜᴘᴇʀ 🤤🤤🤤

  11. Y'all reported that the youngest concert goer was 14 years old which is incorrect. The youngest was 9 years old and is currently in a coma.

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