Causes and Treatments for Seizures in Pets


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  1. Thank you so much for airing this topic. My male husky now 3. Had his first seizure after a VERY bad summer of flea and tick season in the south west. I admit I over dosed my poor boy with trying everything ( I did follow the directions so not to abuse the chemicals) he would have seizures within 12 hours of A monthly flea treatment. Vet refused to listen so I stopped all flea treatment on him used vinegar and Dawn soap in my yard. Also DE. His seizure to date are 3 months apart and always between 5 & 6 am.
    I refused meds the vets wanted him on and stayed with VET*CBD that is not hemp oil but the bud minus the thc in only olive I oil.
    I keep local honey with me wherever we go since we mush and hike just in case.
    What you have said about the wind, the bone marrow/kidney gives my something to research and see if it could help him. So thank you for the food for thought. I am hoping I can make them even further apart to never again.

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