How To Setup CO2 For Indoor Grow (And What You Will Need)

Grow Talk 1292 – The Dude & Scotty Real are hanging out and answering your grow talk questions like what you need to setup a …


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  1. Loving the show guys, noobs like me need all the legit info we can get with all the other bs bro science out there. However, hearing about recharge & growdots is really frustrating for us in the UK, rather like having a lapdance….looky looky no touchy, when are we going to be able to sample the delights of Scotty' formula? Peace to all!

  2. Scotty it looks like your camera quality is a little better than Dude's. Either that or it's my computer. It looks like my screen is split into 2 different screen resolutions…or maybe it's the weed. Regardless, great show!! Scotty, Rowdy Piper, the wrestler?

  3. DIY remedies would never work for me

    I run 16 HLG scorpion diablos in one flower room.
    I go through a 50lbs CO2 tank every week. I keep a second 50 lb tank on deck so I can switch them out the moment one is empty.

    If I didn't have CO2 for a single night my lights would completely fry my plants unless I turn them down to 65%.

  4. Hey Scotty, Dude and Guru,
    I took a break and fell into another channel. The host recently opened a a " discord " with his wife.
    The host is into basic growing and is limited in his knowledge.

    His wife just seems to get loaded and eat. He verbally and regularly disrespected the very people that he invited to that discord.
    If he had a good arsenal of grow info I'd probably still be participating in discord but I removed myself and unsubscribed.
    Hey to Scotty.
    I understand you didnt quite see eye to eye either. You are a good judge of character. This guy had me fooled.
    Good drop.
    Thanks for all your great information.
    Grow big.
    Much respect.
    You have helped take my grow to a whole new level.

  5. Guru, you are totally overthinking it for sure. Just plant your seed, get them to grow, and concentrate on VPD. The amount of nutrients on what what you feed and when you feed it will come with time and feel, and from experience. Just start growing, and stop over thinking it.

  6. I didn't understand recharge at first and maybe I still don't but here goes. Recharge is more than a microbe additive it also has things associated with a compost tea so I use ot like an instant compost tea that helps replace beneficial microbes

  7. I suggest using a bucket (5 gal) w/ lid, aquarium sealant, aquarium heater (submersible), air stone, air pump, air tubing for mixture to ferment in. Place three small holes in lid, two for tubing to enter and exit, one larger for heater cord and seal. Input tube air goes to air stone, Output tubing goes into bucket about only 1.5 inches so it is not in mix, then run tubing above plants (CO2 sinks). Plug heater and air pump into timer that is equal to light cycle. The ferment works when lights are on and mix is warm (that's when plants use CO2), the air bubbles do the shaking of your mixture (water, sugar, yeast) and force the CO2 out to the plants. I change the mixture weekly, during flower only. Simple and Cheap.

  8. I doubt this will get a response but like a scotty mentioned how do you even keep CO2 inside your tents? When running a inline fan normally we keep it on 24/7 and even if it’s set to maintain a certain temp or humidity it going to clear the air often. My grow is a 4 tent set up in a converted garage. It gets passive fresh air and has a fan set to pull old air out also of the lung room.

  9. Guru a question regarding the dry back and the cyclical irrigation you’re setting up. Since you’re using coco and not rock wool or phenolic foam, how do you know that your substrate is even 100% fully getting wet. In other words with coco the substrate may not equally wick nutrient water through out the entire pot as even as maybe rock wool would. I think coco is better for the environment but I’m just curious.

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