The Legal Weed Industry Is Rigged! Find Out Why Here

Wake & Bake America 1293 – The Dude & Scotty Real are hanging out waking and baking and talking about How CBD oil can …


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  1. eitherway, every person should be able to comfortably drive manual transmission. Its something younger people just get less and less of an opportunity to learn anymore, like cursive writing.

  2. Everything is rigged. That’s capitalism, the wealthy will always come out on top, they aren’t allowed to fail because the government will just hand them money they don’t deserve to fail more tip they make it. Also I used to make CBD products in a lab, waste of money and mostly placebo effect. Them saying Tylenol is bad for your liver, look into prolonged use of CBD, it’s no better for your liver.

  3. I’m going to share what Eliminates all of my knee pain:
    Buddies CBD / THC oil capsules. I was in extreme pain, I live in NY and my friend sent me some Buddies capsules 6 months ago because she was tired of hearing about my daily extreme knee pains – I had a knee replacement surgery and that knee hurts as much as the bad knee a year later…. I had no quality of life and I smoke every day so weed alone didn’t help my pain….. Buddies are miraculously effective for pain!
    Love you guys have a great day!

  4. single source is the only way !!!!! craft small grows produce the highest quality cannabis flowers , one has to be able to give undivided attention to every plant as if its the only girl for you . then and only then will she give you what it is we all really seek…… that stupid funky crazy hazy lazy slapp you twise and call you dasie . you know botique headies. shit you dont even want to smoke because its like killing a unicorn……….that super duper stupidly loud terps ….and none stinky flowers will have like 0 entorage effect and weak terps and if the terps are the signal activators for the center nerv sys . bud that has no terps is a oxy moran and probubly worthless madicinaly. please forgive my poor spelling not my strng suite…

  5. Hey Scotty for that SAS test you mentioned, it's done on Dartmoor and your given only your knife and a bin bag plus your naked. No back pack and and no compass. I also think they try an capture you and put you through some sort of torture.

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