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Poisoning The Remnant || Eric Walsh

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8 thoughts on “Poisoning The Remnant || Eric Walsh

  1. Great message, brother! I took some notes and I appreciate the holistic advise!

  2. Food is not the only poison the remnants take. Would be good a presentation to show us how to avoid meds or jabs cos society try to make us believe that without any jab, people would have not survived until now. And i know it's not true. So please, show us.

  3. Happy Sabbath family of God

  4. Amen! Praise the Lord..thank you Jesus for this message in such a time as this.

  5. These are my type of messages. The kind that prick my heart and demand I change my lifestyle, whether I like it or not 🙌🏾 so help me God 🙏

  6. Happy Sabbath saints of God, powerful information.

  7. Our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit and we are not to eat off the kings table including not taking the jab.

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