AMAZON MUST HAVES! 30+ ITEMS! Everything I Bought in December! | Moriah Robinson

AMAZON MUST HAVES! 30+ ITEMS! Everything I Bought in December! Thanks so much for watching tonight’s video! Don’t forget …


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  1. Love your Amazon hauls, I'm getting that sweater vest, so cute! The nail polish organizer looks great, I don't think I heard you mention a non toxic polish. Lauren B. Beauty is the best – glossy & long wearing, great non toxic polish remover, cuticle oil & more too. Puracy & Branch Basics are non-toxic brands that work well in the bathroom!

  2. You’re preparedness is giving me anxiety! Lol I’m due April 1st but she’s measuring large so I think she may be here at the end of March… my baby shower isn’t until February 12th and people were kind of acting like that was too early, I wish I would have gone with my instincts and planned it earlier!! It’s so hard to know what I need to buy and what I need to hold off on because I’ll get it at my shower… ahhhh 😱 First baby for me too, so I’m just completely clueless…

  3. So many good things! Definitely adding some to my cart 👌🏻 and definitely smart to get things ready ahead of time even if he doesn’t come early cause you never know. I was due April 29th and was born April 10th 💁🏻‍♀️ but I had to be induced with both of my kids 3 days after their due dates cause they didn’t want to come out 🤣 so there’s no predicting it but I’m excited for y’all 😇

  4. You can actually buy the falscara overnighter kit with the lashes the stronger glue and the cleaner. I bought mine on Amazon. Love the ease of use, but they don't seem to be as reusable as they claim. I get maybe 3 uses then toss them. But I also haven't used the cleaner on them lol.

  5. Your hauls are the best! You have no idea how awesome it is to have an influencer I trust with similar style who is also 5’9!! My question for you tho is how do you confidently wear heals? At 5’9 I feel so insecure wearing anything past an inch!

  6. Happy New Year and hope you had a nice relaxing Christmas! The white turtleneck sweater- is it a pure white or an off white? Ordered a few “white” sweaters from Amazon and they’re off white. Thanks for the video!

  7. I love Amazon review videos. That Bagsmart tech bag looks great. I just got the Bagsmart weekender bag and am impressed by the quality and functionality of the bag.

  8. OMG Brumate is the BEST!! And they look nice! If you drink wine get the wine glasses and the bottle for the wine! I'm going to get the 20 oz to keep my drinks cold while I work. They come in so many awesome colors!

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