How Cartels Build Billion-Dollar Empires | News on Drugs

The world’s illicit drug trade is worth around 500 billion dollars a year – and to understand how drug cartels work, you need to …


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  1. They told also the part about kidnapping and so on. If you legalise and take away the drugs part, the networks are still there. They will just move to other revenue genereating activities. Will probably on the short term even be more violent. Question is with the new revenue, can they still top the government?
    And weed, coke, meth, do you draw a border?

  2. Why are some drugs illegal? They’re unhealthy? Alcohol is unhealthy. Tobacco is unhealthy. Fast food is unhealthy. Being promiscuous is unhealthy. Being physically inactive is unhealthy. Why not make everything unhealthy illegal? Why not eliminate every choice that’s unhealthy?

    When does personal freedom end and public health begin? Should we have a choice to engage in risky behaviors?

  3. Y’all need experienced street smart drug experts for interviews not just people who have read about drugs in books and online, a kilo of cocaine has never ever gone for $15,000 (i suppose its possible back in the late 60s early 70s but that would still be ridiculously cheap even then) cocaine has always gone for minimum $20,000 a kilo and only gone up, realistically for one brick so no bulk deals, it would cost more like 25,000 on the low end and 28,000 to 32,000 for your average price.

  4. The biggest people who corrupt government are the lobbyists for fortune 500 companies who basically make the laws they need to help their own interests by 'donating' to political campaigns and candidates they are friends with that have the power to change actual laws… they literally pay to get laws made to favor their company.. And if there is any threat; it's nothing for society's high-ups to create a saucy media scandal against the arrival and completely slander them or even worse them jailed for things they didn't do, just to get em out of the way.The US Government is the most corrupt, violent, and secretive extortionists in the world and have a culture damn near identical to Pablo Escobar's cartel with "Plata O plomo"… (Silver or lead)[or an occupation of your internationally recognized borders, an overthrow of the "evil" regime in power, install one friendlier to the US in trade, and let our military open a base there, all while hiring contractors to plunder many of their lands resources.] That's essentially it in a nutshell.. Current cartels have nothing in comparison on those super wealthy hidden MFs, it's not even comparable. And those are the same people y'all vote for… It's all fucked up to the core. 💯

  5. This channel is funded by George Soros. They want to release drug criminals into your streets and convince you that drug dealers are the good guys. Don't buy the propoganda. The majority of prisoners are NOT incarcerated for small drug crimes, many have violent crimes in addition to drug crimes.

  6. Isn't the United States Government violent and ruthless don't they sell drugs hmmm something sounds familiar whites driving their own narrative absent of all general facts smh

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  8. You heard it here (and from anywhere else with an at least halfway-intelligent, logical view): the greatest threat to the criminal enterprise that is fueled by illegal drugs is full-on legalization. The number one way to reduce harm when it comes to drug use and addiction: legalization.

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