Review: South African vs Canadian Medical Cannabis

In this video we do a review of imported Canadian medical cannabis compared to locally cultivated South African medical cannabis. We also interview Michael …


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  1. 18.2% total THC in the Canadian product? 8.93 mg/g THC is only 0.83%. I presume the rest is THCA. THCA decarboxylates to THC, but is the mass loss due to decarboxylation taken into account when calculating the total THC? How was the South African THC calculated? To get a realistic value, the total THC as per after decarboxylation should be determined.
    Irradiation will destroy the terpenes.

  2. Hey guys, ill give you some factors on the Canadian product.

    You just compared the green organics weakest strain. They have many different strains coming in at 26%.

    You guys said what's really important is knowing whats in the product. That being said: The Canadian product is certified organic. This is what separates the 2 products. Here in Canada we have so many company but very few are certified organic.

    If you guys ever get a chance to try the sugar bush from the green organic dutchman its a game changer. They feed the soil with Canadian maple syrup and it taste and smells sweet.

    Cheers guys, happy smoking

  3. South Africa has a lot of medicinal botanicals to offer on an international market with exceptional quality. Our altitude combined with average UV provides some of the best natural environments for these active plants.
    Really dank flower coming from the SA facilities.

  4. Legal Cannabis directly to your door with full traceability and safety screening.
    Absolutely amazing that we have come this far. Still have some way to go, but this is really incredible.

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