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Dr. Joel Wallach – Ask Doc Live 9/17/2021

Dr. Joel Wallach explains the dangers of cooking oils, including olive oil and coconut oil. He then answers dozens of questions from our inspired and attentive …


5 thoughts on “Dr. Joel Wallach – Ask Doc Live 9/17/2021

  1. Where in the two hour video is the part about olive oil.? I don't have two hours to go looking for this. Thx.

  2. 45:24 At 157 pounds… (2) Health Brain & Heart Paks & (1) bottle MSM 
    45:52 Weight… (3) Boxes keto Bars & (2) bottles Vitamin "D"

  3. We can't Thank You enough Dr. Wallach, You and your vital Information are Priceless! And Thanks also to Rebecca and staff ! Blessings Always.

  4. Wallach got the vaccine?

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