Emotional Week of Ups and Downs Come To A Head!

Emotional week of ups and downs, from moving and broken shoulders and life or death surgeries , today it finally came to a head! wing backed chairs- …


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  1. My finance Mark is in icu with kidney failure. He has dialysis twice so far. He also has congestive heart failure and diabetes and lymphadema in both legs. I have had a rough Saturday with pain from ms and fibro and arthritis and stress. I suggest you go knocking on doors with fruit baskets.

  2. House is looking great. You mention it’s dark. Is there a reason why you don’t open the blinds or pull them up as I’m sure that would make a difference. Please don’t overdo it. So happy for you in your new home. Maria UK xxx

  3. Oh lordy, I hope that's the last of problems with the water hydrant. You did bless the house right?! I would go room to room reading the bible maybe with some sage too. lol

  4. Jodi l can’t believe you fibbed and said you were going to have a quiet day. You and Mr. Too Cute sure know how to make an entrance ! 🔥 trucks,
    Exploding water main… they will love you like we do .( some cookies and surprises will seal the deal) l love the new chairs and would love to sit in one of them in front the fire with a cup of tea . Or just a nice chat with you . ps Did hubby like your surprise?

  5. I love how you showed what you eat. I would love for you to share more of your good healthy recipes. I need to eat more healthy our family eats too much junk on the go. Thanks for such Fun videos. I really enjoy your channel and love seeing your videos pop up. 🙂

  6. So glad to see things coming along. I ordered my pain freeze November 9th still haven’t gotten it but I emailed them and it should be here soon I hope. Can’t wait to try it. Don’t overdo yourself. Much love and hugs💕

  7. Jodie, I was wondering if the Christmas Song, NoeL, played during your vlogmas intro and outro was sung by your son? It's so beautiful and I love that on a few of the past videos you played nearly all of the song. So good to see today is a good day. I love how in the last video you said, "It's not always any way." That's true for us all. xo

  8. Sooo Proud You are Feeling Better Today, Ms. Jodi! Don’t overdo it, just take it one Day at a Time, when you Feel you need to Rest, that is What You Need To do! I Love ❤️ Your House! Love that Pretty Chair ! The Pretty Furniture Out on your Porch! You will Enjoy that this Spring & Summer! And the Beautiful Pool, you Guy’s Will want to be out all Time!
    Praying 🙏 for Your Healing Ms. Jodi! Have A Blessed Day! 💕💗☕️🙏😇

  9. I know I have told you this several times before but you singlehandidly influenced my return to prayer and some type of faith. I have been going thru
    a bad time at 80!?! You and
    your videos have made a huge
    difference in my life. Love you

  10. I really love your new chairs the gray colored ones and your porch is very nice too.
    Bently does seem like he’s enjoying the home now! My dog is a toy poodle and he does love to we we we should not! I think it has something to do with their little bladders. But I have to keep a good eye out for him because he is FAST on the way we draw! Lol hi got him from a rescue adoption and he was almost one year old and in very bad health. He had been abused! He was at the vets constantly the first year after I adopted him. They did not even have records of when he was born but surmised he was about one year old when I got him. So I made his birthday on the day in December that I adopted him. . He’s just a little bit spoiled if you know what I mean. LOL Bentley is so cuddly and I can tell how crazy he is about you and vice versa. It looks like your home is a more manageable size now and it is truly lovely! The lighting will make a big difference of course in any of the rooms or areas which are too dark. I do love Lighting myself! You look like you feel much better today and I am so glad you did not overdo it! I have been down for two days myself due to a female problem from a failed surgery. It is very important to not overdo when you have flareups. Your house will be put together soon enough and one thing we all learn in our lives is how to use patients, lol i’m glad your granddaughter is coming to help you that would be fun ! Enjoy your evening and your delicious food. With heartfelt care and good holiday spirit cheers🎁

  11. Thanks so much for opening your Amazon box in your video. I have a yellow bathroom, and have a hard time finding things that are yellow at the stores. I needed a new Toliet brush, and when I seen your yellow one, I went to Amazon and ordered one !!!! And it was even on sale 🙂

  12. Your new house is coming along beautifully Jodi!❤️❤️❤️ Starting to look real cozy now. Try not to do too much though. Really happy that you were able to stop working your regular job! That and no longer having stairs should help you a lot. Enjoy your evening!❤️😊😊❤️

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