trying a thc-0 disposable… review

trying an emerging product in the world of cannabis.. some crazy times! USE CODE DREW30 FOR A DISCOUNT: …


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  1. I’ve been watching your vids every day for the past month and I been sad cuz I didn’t know when you were gonna put out a new vid. Now that this dropped I just crave more! Love you and your content! Thanks for being!

  2. As someone also with mental health issues I relate allot with your videos. Thank you for being so insightful and just having a really good vibe.

  3. good video i think i’ll get some c: i stopped smoking delta 9 flower/wax because it randomly started giving me really bad anxiety when i would smoke, but i smoke delta 8 now and it’s a lot better for me, but i wanna be higher without the anxiety lol, ty for sharing :))

  4. Hey mate, much love from straya. Been struggling a lot at home with mum. She hates my tattoos and I just don’t fit the daughter expectations. It’s just really making me sad and I’m bad with confrontation so I just freeze when she comes to argue. I just wanna know if things get better.

  5. Love watching your videos. You just seem to make me feel better and watching you literally lifts my spirit!
    Do you think it is bad for your brain to consume D8 D9 THC0 or any other of the noids daily? It really just helps me to be so much more present and authentic and just so aware of my feelings when I’m on cannabis I truly feel like I am so much better of a person when on cannabis because it makes me so much more aware of how I treat people and just the way I think. Tell me how that can’t be a good thing if everyone could feel and function this way?

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