Joseph Colombo: The Italian American Civil Rights League – Shooting, Funeral (1970-78)

Joseph Colombo: The Italian American Civil Rights League, Unity day – Shooting, Funeral (1970-78) Joseph Anthony Colombo Sr. (June 16, 1923 – May 22, …


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  1. I'm originally from Bensonhurst Brooklyn, and it strikes me funny how Italians were protesting because of discrimination, yet we were the most racist people in New York City. Weird !

  2. What a bunch of narcissistic baloney! What a joke. Talk about wolves in sheep's clothing.The Mafia leading Italians who are angry about being labeled Mafia. Culminating in the Mafia using the opportunity to assassinate the mighty anti hero Joe who was getting too big for his Mafia britches. It's insulting how stupid they think we are! Italian Americans should be embarrassed and more appropriately outraged at being represented by these lying thugs but since it's the same people who control their unions, thus their livelihood, they're basically extorted into going along with the "laughable" charade.

  3. The Italian American Civil Rights League. Well Joseph Colombo was an American of Sicilian Ancestry. Such is the same with my Family ( Famigghia ) and I. And I have a few from The beautiful Town of Corleone. Il bedda paisi della Corleone Sicilia. My Great Grandfather was born in Corleone. Corleone Sicilia. Casa della Miu Catanannu. Ernesto Antonio Frehlini. Nato Ottobre 1800 Morto Dicembri 1882. Sono molto orgoglioso della Mio Ascendenza Siciliano.

  4. When a guy says “I own a piece of XYZ”.
    He’s shady in my book.
    We call it “I am a partner in XYZ”.
    Maybe a cultural thing.

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