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Esthetician Reacts to Huda Kattan's WISHFUL Skincare Routine

Esthetician Reacts to Huda Kattan’s WISHFUL Skincare Routine Turn the like button blue, and make the SUBSCRIBE …


47 thoughts on “Esthetician Reacts to Huda Kattan's WISHFUL Skincare Routine

  1. As an esthetician I had a male client in his late 20's early 30's that started to do a full skin scan with his derm in his early 20's and I was like yesssss! It's so important to make sure your skin is healthy!

  2. I would recommend you talk about fast hair growth fortified shampoo.

  3. Her face skin is already starting to look waxy from all the micro needling. She’s a billionaire and can afford for a doctor to do it for her every week if she wanted and a full body LED device in her bathroom that makes Paris Hilton’s look like a Polly pocket accessory.

  4. Hi Cassandra.i use Clinique 1.0 lotion(alcohol free)i like it.I have sensitive combination skin

  5. something is wrong with this Huda person skin…is it a filter or smth? Once in a while her cheeks looks really it just me? like there is some fat skin on it or like she is a old lady skin…its weird.

  6. Wow. A whole segment for Clinique 😂

  7. We DO have cotton rounds in Dubai btw

  8. Hi Cassandra! <3 <3 When are you reviewing, ehm, Cassandra Banksons routine?^^

  9. I wish you included what you suggested, instead of just the ones she used. (I know this is a lot of extra work so I totally get it if you don't.) ❤❤❤

  10. I need a moisturizer and sunscreen that dries after use and not leave your face greasy. So you recommend some?
    ***Also I would love a video on
    Rodan & Fields review.

  11. i think she has a filter on.

  12. She has to talk with brands that bleed you financially. Otherwise she will loose her followers and main consumers

  13. HB is targeting a certain group of audience, I lived with them and I know the luxury she’s picking

  14. Please do a video on who actually 'made' sunscreen. Very interesting. Can you also talk about enzyme scrubs. Are they any good? Love your videos.

  15. Microneedling can certainly be done at home. You need to do your homework on this one. Dr. Lance Setterfield is a good source.

  16. I remember buying the red Clinque toner in the 90s and one of their foundations. It burned and then I put on Clinique Foundation and went to work. My face looked like it was wet. I was oily and acne prone, saved up money to buy this stuff that must have overstripped my skin. I got my money back that same day after work. I have never had foundation look wet on my face. It was so weird lol!!

  17. Hahah your reaction to the micro needling …. Classic. I used to watch Huda back in the day when there were like … I dunno, maybe 4 people on YouTube doing the whole beauty guru thing and I swear she was needling her face alllll day ery day. I know that isn’t accurate but my enduring memory of her is the needling. She had me CONVINCED and I came soooo close to buying one of those torture devices. Honestly, after watching her routine, I think the secret is actually her genetics and that All The Amino Acids miracle cream she uses. The rest of the things she subjects her skin to 😳 ….. I mean, I’d love to see how her skin would look if she stopped abusing it cause DAMN, can you imagine how perfect it would be?!!!

  18. I'm in my early 40's. Clinique was ALL the rage when I was in high school. Like, you were cool if you used that! The 3-step system was IT! I couldn't afford those products tho so I never used them. And as an adult I know better and have more options (regardless of price). And I never understood why the one product is called 'lotion' when it's really a toner! I found that so confusing. LOL

  19. Sometimes I think that all this celebrity skincare routines are a joke. They have access to the best aestheticians and doctors. They can go to the saloon for skincare routine every evening. There is no way I could believe that celebrities are really using this micro rollers.

  20. Omg, you are hysterical!!! Great video!!

  21. I like your videos but you cuss a lot

  22. Hi! I would love a video where you make a couple different skin care routines at different price points for different skin types. So a skin care routine for oily skin at like a 40$ total budget then one with a 150$ budget. And a dry skin routine for 40$ then 150$. I hope that makes sense 🙂

  23. so dramatic…… seriously we know u hate clinique but how u present it is so dramatic and irritating…… 🙏

  24. Knows who Huda is. Doesn't know who NICOLE KIDMAN IS. How. how though

  25. Yes Please! History of sunscreen!
    I love makeup history! Big fan of Lisa Eldridge book Face Paint!

  26. Can you believe this women have a skincare line? 🤣🤣🤣

  27. I have a microneedler and I rarely used it but after getting reamed by Cassandra in this video, I tossed it. Lol sorry sis!

  28. I know people love Huda but she does not know the theory behind makeup. she knows how to do 1 type and that’s the “Instagram full face” which looks beautiful on camera, but not so much in real life. After watching this she doesn’t seem to know the theory/science behind skincare either.

  29. I'm a bit on the fence on her knowledge on skincare, however i will say the Wishful Yo Glow exfoliant is a definite go-to for me. I love that it's gentle, but you rly see a difference after use (rly helps w dullness and clogged pores)

  30. I couldn't think of anything but the amount of plastic surgery done on her.

  31. She is stunning without all that make up

  32. French people : décolleté 💁‍♂️
    English people : daglataay 😌

  33. How do you feel about nano needling at home?

  34. I just feel like you don't have to do say things about women like in disappointment "come onnn ur intelligent! dont do this!" like its such a passive insult and besides, ppl can be intelligent in other ways, a person is NEVER intelligent about EVERY SINGLE THING idk it just triggers me bcuz I hate when we make mistakes and someone is down on us about it as if u "expect more" from someone like them or sumthing it just comes off as really elitist to me idk

  35. I love your videos and as a newbie to the skin care world, you've taught me so much. I've recently invested in the tropic skincare line. I would love you to do a video on these, its all vegan and cruelty free which was super important to me! I use the fragrance free cleanser, toner & moisturiser. The hydrating serum and all supergreen oil. If its no good ill move on to other recommended products by you! It seems to be working for me so far. Thank you ❤

  36. 100% would love a video on sticking with a routine. I'm a total skincare junkie and have been since 2015 but struggle during depressive episodes to make myself do any of it

  37. I'd love a video on consistency in skin routine.

  38. I used Clinique full stop in the 90s – did not work for me. Agreed, so many Better products out there now!

  39. Why do you choose such terrible, unflattering thumbnails of yourself? You are not a licensed esthetician. You are a fake. It's sad how many people listen to you.

  40. sunscreeennn video plsss

  41. 1.Clinique is NOT fragranced,it’s actually completely fragrance-free.
    2.They have incredible products,very innovative.
    I love it and it’s the only one that calms my skin.

  42. That toner reminds me of when I used cotton rounds to apply astringent. My face and hair are and have always been very oily.

  43. i would love a video on how to be more consistent with my skincare I hav clinically diagnosed severe depression and really struggle with the motivation to take care of myself or anything for that matter. I also hate going to the doctor or esthetician and them mentioning how important it is for “women to stay young and beautiful” it makes me think a lot of ppl just love skincare because they r being vain and misogynistic which motivates me even less. 🙁

  44. Hey can you review Zo skin care please.

  45. Will you review the Vintners Daughter oil ? I’m so curious what you think of it.

  46. Fun fact: Dubai can be SUPER humid, especially around August-September.

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