Flying A Plane Through Tunnels: World First | 4K HD

Dario Costa became the first person to fly a plane through a tunnel, taking off in one tunnel and flying his race airplane into and out of the second at 250kph to …


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  1. Would’ve been way cooler looking if he had hit the smoke on the way out as he had done, but instead coming out then doing a huge loop to fly back into the tunnel and then land back where he had originally started from ..ish. Was still a super impressive thing regardless for sure tho!¡! 🤘🏼🤙🏼

  2. ≪Trigger crashed!! Drooling idiot!!≫
    ≪No, he flew into the tunnel! He's crazy!≫

    — Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown, BNGI / ProjectACES

    I never thought anyone could do this in real life. Congratulations….

  3. Me in Wii Sports Resort:

    clarification: In the game, there’s a flight mode that allows you to fly a plane around the island. On the island, there is a tunnel, and you can fly through it.

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