Why Canadian Cannabis Stocks Are Crashing! BUY NOW!? | Aurora, Canopy, Planet 13 & MORE!

I’ll be talking about what has happened to Canadian cannabis stocks like Aurora, Canopy Growth, Planet 13, Avant Brands, etc. and discuss why they are …


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  1. I like your video and your thesis however however I don't understand why you are not coveing the best fundamentoal stocks in the cannabis industry such as Trulieve or Green Thumb industries? The only problem is they are no listed on Major stock exchanges because of federal Illegalities. BTW when that happens there will be a great value unlock. In a nut shell this US Cannabis companies TCNNF & GTBIF are profitable, increasing revenues, cash flow positive. Are they not on your radar?

  2. Thank you for posting this, very useful! I loved the content as well as the structure of this video (overview of the industry , followed by review of some key stocks individually)

  3. Fine…I’ll go watch the other video again. You’re right that not enough people talk about share issuance. That’s why I’m conflicted with CP. they are issuing like 260 million shares (30% of total shares) to pay for KCS. Adds to MOAT and Potential good long term move but dilutes shareholders massively. Stock price remains unchanged though and a dip may never materialize. maybe a video on share issuance would be worthwhile. Or just give the algorithm what it wants and make a “stocks to buy in November with a 468% upside” or “the 8 totally not a scam cryptos you need to watch though they have absolutely no intrinsic value”

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