DO THIS DAILY To Reduce Inflammation & PREVENT DISEASE Today! | Andrew Weil

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  1. What could have been an interesting conversation was utterly derailed and spoiled by the number of advertisements.

    Adverts every three minutes! Are you insane?

    Turned off after ten minutes. ☹️

  2. A keto diet saved my sister’s life. We eat lots of leafy greens, cruciferous veg, eggs, fish, red meat, liver and poultry. We eat healthy fats and our fibre comes from the veg. My sisters gp monitors her health and she’s doing well.
    I would say this is a healthy way of eating. Everything improved in her body and she was able to get off insulin. I have benefitted too as I’m peri menopausal and my weight is now stable. I’ve never felt better! Keto should not get a bad rap. I don’t need or want the wholegrain bread. People’s bodies react differently to different ways of eating.

  3. I’ve come across a lot of information lately about psilocybin being tried/tested on people with drug resistant depression. And as I just now listened to the podcast, I thought “why is depression not treated with psilocybin INSTEAD of pharmaceutical prescription medication? We all know how terrible the side effects of these prescription drugs are, and how high the addiction potential of them is. So from my point of view the medical profession goes “okay, first we try all these harmful and expensive drugs on you to make some pharmaceutical companies some money, and THEN we try the natural approach and give you some mushrooms!”

    The logical approach should be “here’s some mushrooms, here’s a person who is experienced in psychology and who will be with you, and now you’re doing on a journey to find the possible reason and solution to your depression!”. But of course that’s nota money cow to be milked daily by big Pharma, is it? So maybe here is the real reason buried?

  4. On the topic of psyche meds. There are thousands of people that are immersed in torture right now by akastisia. It's labeled as a movement disorder. Every ten minutes someone in the fb group gives up. This is a neurological poisoning from psyche meds. Getting on. Being on. Getting off. Benjos are a huge culprit.

  5. I’ve been learning a lot from this video plus not being in the medical profession. Stuffs I’ve found in my life ….

    Such an insightful video …. Covering so many topics and the conversations I like …..

    Your own body is a powerful tool as it is ….. finding root causes and then helping oneself to find solutions .. sure medical interventions help but so much can be helped with your lifestyles and diets etc

    Thank you

    Sending love and light

  6. I wish he'd rethink healthy keto and the benefit of minimal intake of organically farmed beef. Eating alot of grain and beans is extremely harsh for some. Moderation is key.

  7. Such an important conversation – as a nurse and yoga teacher I am passionate about everything discussed and Dr Chatterjee you are a credit to your profession. Nursing has its roots in holistic care and we have been a bit blindsided by the biomedical model – especially in advanced practice. Nurses could make a real difference in the areas of healthcare you have discussed if we were given the time and resources to do so….

  8. In my opinion as soon as there is a NAME for something that is wrong, then people generally seem to allow their bodies to be ill with this disease with a name. They become out of control and depend on doctors and medicine to cure them. They go through life saying….I have " " and that's that! They accept their illness because it has a name.

  9. Re: ads – not even 1 hr into this and YT has played no less than 5 ads, two of which were 45 and 60+ mins long! Can you bump up your channel’s status somehow?
    Anyway, Andrew Weil is a trailblazer and the only dr I’m 100% aligned with. Hiswork with non ordinary states of consciousness is finally getting the attention it deserves.

  10. I have followed Dr Weil for many years and he started me on a path to wellness. I have a lot of respect for him. However, we can’t continue to send the message that mental illness is something a person creates themselves. There is a huge genetic component to mental illness. It is a horrible disease. No one would ever blame cancer patients on the patient themselves. Yes, an anti inflammatory diet, yoga and mindfulness tremendously helps with depression and anxiety. When someone has cancer, people bring you casseroles. When you have a chronic mental illness, people want nothing to do with you. Even medical providers will treat you terrible. Chronic mental illness is a biological brain disorder. There is no cure, only management of the symptoms. Cancer can be cured.

  11. There are problems with some of the things he talks about – avoid processed food so important – environmental toxins – most important, inflammation – critical – supplements ( must find real whole food supplements backed by science) – carbs – avoid grains except rice ( wild rice ) others mostly avoid – soy products avoid – Japan diet and great avoid too much meat and too much tomatoes – eat more fermented foods – less processed foods – that are not whole fresh foods – less meat beef – ( grass fed better ) more special fatty fish – little or no dairy – only grass fed butter – avoid corn and pop corn – avoid wheat and most whole grains except wild rice – eat much less total carbs and processed fats – more bone marrow and broths – more organ meats – ( from grass fed animals ) clean all fruits and vegetables with CLO2 – grow more vegetables and fruits – from traditional soils or better yet modern soil – with special charcoal and sea kelp etc – amazing soil – black rich living soil – in short take the best of known things of today's best people and apply them in a local community farm or local projects!

  12. Really disappointed with Dr Weils opinion of Keto diet. I loove fruit & adore beans but they don't love me. My sugar levels go through the roof when I eat these. One can eat only cheap cuts of meat that are very nutritious(liver, kidneys, bones,etc,..) and Keto diet promotes moderate amounts of meat & loads of low carb veg. Keto parred with fasting works better than anything else for me. As for soya products, they are almost always GMO & unless fermented I wouldn't touch them.

  13. If your belief that inflammation is the cause of these diseases, then is it possible that people on high dose prednisones are spared these diseases, especially Alzheimer's? Dr. Rudy Tanzi at Harvard believes inflammation is necessary for the formation of the tangles and tau that produce Alzheimer's. He says it's a more primitive form of inflammation that would occur in a clam or an oyster. I don't understand. Someone should explain this.

  14. I followed keto early last year,not for me,may be for some.i might have an early narrow artery but being on keto did not help me ,if I only knew I had a narrow artery I would never start keto.not blaming it ,but I regret.

  15. ancient medical techniques are too hard to monetize. Drug companies exist to make money for shareholders, they are not non-profit organizations so their goals are at odds with what is best for patients. God forbid the patient is made self-sufficient- that is a money loser.

  16. Good afternoon happened to come upon your video and I totally enjoyed it and I agree. Many years back when I was in my early 20 I made two discoveries and mind you I’m not a doctor or any way near in any medical field. But I have always had and interest with Chinese medicine and the more Ayurvedic methods. At the age of 17 still in high school I started to change my way of life style and a more clean eating. Because I believe we are what we eat and health and well being comes from what you feed your body and mind. So that being said in my early twenties I started to develop a severe case of acne and not only did it look painful it was very painful even to sleep.very sensitive. I started going to the dermatologist and they would prescribe the usual antibiotics with many restrictions and retin A bit for whatever reason I felt that it had more to that so I started studying my body and how it reacted to certain things that I ate. And I discovered that dairy products and white carbs and sweets and processed foods had a negative affect on me. I changed my eating habits stopped in taking those foods and my skin cleared. I bought it to the doctors attention and I was told that it had nothing to do with that that it was only a myth that I could stick my head in oil and eat whatever foods and it would not affect me. But I did not find that to be true and stuck to my discovery and to this day I’m 52 I have not gotten the breakouts or skin infections that I had. Another discovery I made was the green tea, I started drinking green tea when I was introduced to it by some Korean friends. And I felt it to be magical didn’t get colds or flus like I did before. Few years after my discovery my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and was just being treated by hormones and had no Improvement his psa was always high and his cancer was not getting better. In my house it was a custom drinking espresso at least twice or three times a day. Well I figured out of my own to have my father change his eating habits to stop eating beef and less coffee and to incorporate green tea, and this was not any special green tea just a simple green tea bag from the market. My dad followed my guide and when we returned to the doctor a very well known cancer hospital here in New York City to have a blood work to check his PSA levels the doctors where amazed that my fathers PSA levels had dropped drastically and they questioned what my father was doing or taking different. So I told them and they all looked at each other and said oh green tea, they excused themselves stepped out of the room to talk amongst themselves and after a while came back and informed us what was going on, that my fathers PSA levels had gone down to a normal level which was very good BUT they said he will have to stop because we are going to start treatment and green tea will interfere with it. My father died few months after starting the cancer treatment. I wish I hadn’t listened and would had in courage’s my dad to continue Drinking green tea. My dad was only 62. Since then doctors have discovered that certain foods do affect the body and that green tea is actually very helpful for cancer patients and to help prevent cancer. Sadly enough I feel, and not speaking for all but some doctors don’t really want to get the root of the problem but rather just cover the situation. Things are commercialized unfortunately and I feel as someone who healed herself and discovered two things that were not know by doctors until recent that we have to listen to our bodies and learn our bodies because many times we might just have the answer to our health conditions. Sorry for the long chat. Thank you, God bless!

  17. Great Interview! I’ve followed Dr Weil for years. He’s always made sense. He’s never backtracked that I know of. But he moves forward in a careful way. He’s the best!!

    And his claim for the breathing technique is extraordinary. Who wouldn’t try it!!??

  18. Amazing interview with Dr. Weil, who I respect a great deal. Music to my ears! Thank you for including Dr. Weil among all the informative guests you provide for us, Dr. Chatterjee.xo

  19. I sincerely wish Dr Chatterjee would interview an Āyurvedic doctor like Dr Vasant Lad. It is especially poignant when I see Indians turn away from the wisdom and power of their own traditions and have to learn the hard way how important those concerned are to good health. 🙏🏻

  20. Why do people say eating fish is good for you ? I love fish but the ocean is so polluted with mercury and everyone knows that you can't rid the fish of mercury.

  21. This is very interesting, and I always love your interviews Dr. Chatterjee. Particularly on long car trips! QUESTION: Dr. Weil talks about SOY proteins being okay? Interesting. Would love to understand more about why that's the case. Same with my training through IFM. Hmmm. Is there a TYPE of soy that's "safe" and circumstances where it's not okay? Thanks for all you do! <3

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