41. Identifying Cancer-Killing Cannabinoids with Dedi Meiri, PhD

Dedi Meiri, PhD runs a lab at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology that investigates the anti-tumor effects of cannabinoids.


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  1. I switched from advanced nutrients to general hydroponic, the results are very clear , GH grew my plants much faster and much more potent then advanced nutrients , plus no 3 base system and bud boosters , just 3 main powder bases for veg, bloom and micro nutrients.. general hydro is working great in my coco and hydro applications:.

  2. I have a friend who is a veteran. He is starting to have parts of his skin cut off and tested and its coming back pre cancerous. Is there any place I can find the database Dr. Meiri has of the specific strains and which attack which cancers? Many places in the US marijuana is legal. I'm wondering if there is a specific strain that kills skin cancer cells. Any information would be appreciated.

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