Three Men Convicted of Murder: Arbery Case; Oil Expert Skeptical of Oil Reserve Release | NTD

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  2. 11 whites and 1 black on the jury. Yet the verdict was guilty. Guess this ruins the Woke talking point of racism among the jury. Guilty is guilty no matter what race you are.

  3. So you delete any speech that you don’t agree with right even if it’s not a hate crime or I’m not bullying anybody I’m not doing anything to anybody I’m just speaking my piece really there’s gonna be a war if you people keep doing that shit you just don’t know what’s coming🤔

  4. Google are you communist or are you communist controlled get the fuck out of America America is not communist we have freedom of speech in America watch the constitutional rights go bye-bye want to silence me you’re gonna have to kill me🤔

  5. If LeBron James went missing he deserves it he supports the communist party of china he’s in bed with them I won’t be a bit surprised if he’s getting millions of dollars to support communism🤔

  6. I think the guys need a new court date just listen to case the man was trying to take his gun and he don’t have a chance to defend his life the man was able to walk off at anytime instead of fighting for gun no incident man will not wait on police only guilty people fight back so where did they intend to kill him was only hold till police arrive but he took it to death not the three guys

  7. Aubry had a police record and mental health issues, and had behaved aggressively in the past when questioned by police. He was a suspicious presence in the neighborhood, where burglaries we're being committed. The three men who chased him down, however, used poor judgement, and now they are going to face life-altering problems. Hell, shoot him with paint balls, they hurt and will discourage him from returning. Scare him with dogs, video record him, surveil him, but killing him is just not worth it.

  8. 848 – Ms Noem should realize the people voted for legalization and to ignore their mandate is violating the law. This should be an interesting battle. Sound like the Governor is becoming a dictator. The idea a referendum by the people being ignored means no vote really matters.
    So what's the point if the people vote is just ignored?

  9. Only two days opening up the spicket on the oil reservexwill not even put a nick in prices at the pump. Still will remain high. President Trump had us awash in oil and natural gas, we were energy independent and did not have to rely on foreign oil who could hold us hostage at the pump.😉

  10. SEATTLE, WA—According to sources, local liberal activist and white woman Amy Crabtree felt extremely disappointed at the news that Ahmaud Arbery's killers had been found guilty of murder, as there was nothing left in the news to fuel her activist rage.
    "Yes, I want justice, but I also want to be very angry all the time," said Crabtree. "Pure, unfiltered rage is what fuels our movement for justice, but right now, I feel happy. This isn't good!"

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