2021 Outdoor Week 17 & 18 :: A Little Rain Finally!! :: August 5th Thru September 18th

Our Outdoor Grow for 2021 still trucking along, and we are getting closer and closer to harvest as the flowers keep growing. Jerry Rig Everything Video: …


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  1. I love to keep a humidifier in my dry-room. I keep the room around 60 to 63% RH and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This slows down the drying process and speeds up the curing process. Thanks for the great content. 👍

  2. Thanks for the update; everything looks awesome. I'm glad to hear that Lindsey is doing a bit better. Enjoy those good moments. Have a great day and take care. 🙂

  3. También me surgen dudas de porqué cultivas bajo techo de policarbonato ? y no al aire libre . La gran intensidad lumínica del verano me hacen creer que las plantas crecerán más , o estoy equivocado ?
    Básicamente quiero saber con tu conocimiento el por qué te es más optimo cultivar bajo techo que al aire libre ? Vale la pena invertir en un techo para tu jardín ?

  4. De veras espero que cuando coseches estas maravillas , hagas un video con el time lapse de todo el proceso como "de la semilla a la cosecha" y en este caso sería "del clon en indoor a la cosecha" jaja , ojalá con toda la información básica o necesaria para iniciar el cultivo y los parámetros que utilizaste o a considerar , además de los fertilizantes y abonos empleados en las diferentes etapas del proceso con su respaldo del porqué lo usaste, todo en 1 video , y wow , sería un video espectacular para que cualquier ser humano aprenda a cosechar eficientemente y con conocimiento , una buena forma de contribuir al cambio es educando , al menos en mi caso cada año aprendo más y más a cultivar ,y no solamente el cannabis ,para mí sin duda es un lindo sentimiento cuando observas como crecen tus plantas de forma eficiente , y me parece maravilloso que cualquier persona puede obtener flores de gran calidad , Gracias a la hermosa tierra y su ambiente , tus manos y de tu cerebro .
    Nuevamente ,quiero decirte que tu trabajo amigo es fenomenal en tu jardin , el que mas me ha gustado en youtube , También seria buena idea para crecer mas el canal , tener la opción de subtítulos al español , yo podría ayudarte 🙂 thank u !

  5. Looking good in the garden. Glad to hear Lindsay is doing better. We all wish her the best. Look forward to your shows each week, keep up the good work.👍

  6. Hey man, i have to say i admire how you take care of your wife thru such hard times. i recently made infused olive oil, enough to last me a lifetime. Id like to mail u some jars to help with her pains

  7. Good to hear linda is doing good
    Do you know if there is a difference between in yield for a transparent roof plant and a non roof plant because i notice yours.
    what a wonderful growing season

  8. 11:00 you are 100% correct. The reason for prohibition of cannabis is to target groups the government doesn’t like. This isn’t even a conspiracy. The Nixon administration who started the war on drugs admitted it in the 1970s. They couldn’t arrest people for being black and against the war but they could drum up fear about cannabis, Then associate people with cannabis and lock those people up. Unfortunately exploitation like this is the lifeblood of loser ideologies and helps build the wealth of otherwise worthless people. That is why we will continue to see these type of war on public interest.

  9. Plants look awesome Hoss. 🙏🏻 for you and yours. I’m playing catch up again we have recently move my mom and step dad into our house. Bout 2 months now. She had to have emergency eye surgery almost lost her sight she was self diagnosed and thought she had pinkeye. She had built up pressure behind eyes. Getting better now. Dad however was already on dialysis and now has brain cancer already started radiation but lung collapsed and now in hospital this past week still in. Had to put new ports in him and changed to hemodialysis.

  10. I like your channel. I have a grow outdoors and it is nice to compare their flowering. This year does seems to be late flowering for mine too. Keep up the good work!

  11. Well good morning hope you and your family is better I know some why your wife is going through I have had to back surgeries and got 4 more decorating my ain't good but hers sounds worse then my tell her wish her all the luck in the world

  12. i dont see it being legal anytime soon here in Europe & the only reason they will is to make money out of tax , good to hear Lindsay is a little better .. ♥

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