"Maxwell Trial Primer & Asteroid POX" 11/23/21

A little on this latest blog from CoreysDigs.com about the mysterious increase in references to a smallpox threat. Then we’re going into a review of what has …


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  1. Wake up Californians. If the theft has to be over a thousand dollars to care just add a thousand dollars to the price. Then refund the customer when they pay, they get a thousand off.

  2. A rittenhouse the 26 year old FEMALE cop that looks identical to "kyle" pictured with kyles sister wendy, no pics of kyle.. Dig into kyle being noah from sandyhook. Look into all the numerology of dates of significance

  3. Look up Robert Barnes about who took over Kyle's affairs from Lin Wood. This sounds like the guy Hancock's version he gave to Kyle and his family maybe. I know he also maligned Barnes and shut him out from helping even though everything he did was out of his own pocket.

  4. we r not suppose to call these looters now if they steal under one thou after 40 yrs HS filled in the Word I knew that once the NWO came in we r almost out of here the Word says I will do a quick work in the end or no flesh would make it their next step is to trying to mix iron n clay it will not mix, like in the days of Noe hi tech splicing n dicing messing with the seeds and Gods blueprint

  5. Frank, consider the "overpopulation problem" from a different angle. If you are going to control the world, who do you get rid of first? The people that are difficult to control. Those people who are independent, middle class or higher, educated and have experienced constitutional government guaranteeing Liberty and Freedom through the rule of Law. You replace them with swarms of illiterate beggars who are in poor health that are easily enslaved. Open borders, anyone??

  6. Fact: Lynn Wood never represented Kyle criminally. Lynn did not keep the kid in jail, as the court ordered the 2 million dollar bail. Lynn helped him by raising money for his release. The comment he was safer in jail was misconstrued as well. Kyle was getting death threats and was advised to stay in Juvenile detention rather than GPOP prison until he could be released for his own safety. This kid is being fed horse shit by his current counsel. If you listen to Lynn, you know that he is is a patriot and on the right side of this.

  7. Richards went running straight to CNN, that's all i need to know about him. And Kyle needs to stay as far away from the skunks at Faux News as possible. Tucker pretends to be different than the rest, but still cashes them checks.

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