Happy Sunday everyone. I hope you are all managing a little bit of relaxation ❤️ Today I’m continuing with my Decluttering series by tracking my sheet masks.


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  1. This is an easy one, I have 1 face 1 hand and 1 feet mask 😷, I wrote the first bit before hearing you say only face masks but as you can see I have been fantastic at this category 😀, its not hard I just put 6 out at the beginning of the month and have to use at least 1 every week and 2 some weeks. I am now concentrating on my cream masks. The avocado and the jelly masks are great if you have sunburn on your face, they are both so refreshing and soothing, the stars kins one with oil I used mine on my fat belly as mine had gone out of date too but the oil was fine the actual mask was a bit dry but nice. The 111 skin masks are beautiful and I always use them strait away as they are so nice 👌, all those masks you got from face mask club you only received earlier this year didn't you, so they should be fine to use.

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