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The Cannabis Events to Go To This Year!

Wake & Bake America 1259 Or Go To The Dude & Scotty Real Are Hanging Out, …


48 thoughts on “The Cannabis Events to Go To This Year!

  1. Guru please bring on Russel Brand lol

  2. Definitely going to The Kind Cup

  3. When I'm in my grow rooms, I listen to DudeGrows, Build a Soil & Learn Organic Gardening YT channels. Makes those few hours go by very quickly! #happygrowing

  4. MJ Biz Con 2018 was like 100 OG Stoners running around in a herd of 1000's of corporate weirdos, some of them took us out for ridonkulous spendy food and drinks, but most of them just wanted to sell us garbage. The parking lot scene outside the convention center Thursday night was pretty epic, this one guy had a Mason jar full of Skywalker OG extract that was pretty much THE perfect stoney for a night in Sin City. Security at Luxor totally freaked out on one of our guys for smelling like weed, but it ended up all good. LOL

  5. It’s so funny Scotty laughing his ass off Dude can’t keep a straight face hardly about all of the different saves that he slaps on his kids wounds. Hell ya Dude cbd for everything ✊

  6. I wanna smoke what Scotty is smoking. He’s super high in this video!!

  7. Don't feel bad Scotty I once caught myself putting the milk in the microwave

  8. Guru didn’t say Virginia boys make some noise

  9. Who's gender I do not know.

  10. FUN AND COOL, great show growmies, smash that like people!!!!

  11. Speaking of dreaming, my wife made a parallel between your digestive system and your nervous system. You consume data through your senses all day, and sleep, specifically REM sleep, is the process of shitting.

  12. If you work in a kitchen, then you need polysporin because you are exposing your skin's natural bacteria to so many unnatural ones.

  13. I want to find out more about grow dots please. I’ve not seen any reviews or heard anyone in my cannabis growing circle talk much about it?

  14. Swamp haze daze Fillmore, NY oct 23 2021

  15. Stay elevated Scotty

  16. tweedle farm has some awesome cbd flower/products too

  17. After 3years I’m finally smoking on my crop and enjoying it and DGC helped!

  18. $400 base fee to attend mjbizzcon. How could they possible have 400 in value for an attendee? This is just utter nonsense.

  19. The flow gardens (HLG sister company) is absolutely incredible hemp flower. Definitely reccomend anyone interested to try it out. Also what's up with the DGC discount codes for flow gardens?!

  20. Went to Bonnaroo with my wife in 2005 . Woooooo that shit is crazy as fukk

  21. Long time listener finally got to support on patreon this weekend I got to check out all the exclusive stuff 🔥🔥🔥🔥 u got life time patreon out of me I just got a pounder of recharge n the grow dots should be on there way payed full price for grow dots but don’t even care just so pumped and excited for it to get here I ran out of recharge like month ago so my plants are desperately craving it keep bringin great content ✌️☮️❤️🙏✊

  22. Lol @ guru "*I'll* talk to Russel brand "

  23. 💡🪴👌👽💨👀

  24. A British 25 yr old footie trainer just got 25 yrs in Dubai jail for a couple of cbd vape cartridges. Human rights eh!? 🤬

  25. You can get sentenced to death in Singapore for 700 grams or more. I won Cheech and Chong tickets on the radio because they asked that question. I knew it from watching “locked up abroad”

  26. Scottie you’ve been trying to give away this hlg for a min I’ll take it off your hands brother… I def can use it

  27. awesome show I really appreciate all yous do and your time

  28. -_5c here this am with skiff of snow

  29. Don't get a tetnus shot, use hydrogen peroxide instead…

  30. Just ordered some grow dots, Can’t wait to try them out this round. Just popped some Grandpas Stash R2, Grape Dimonds R2, XXX, and ZweetGrape Auto all Bred by Ethos genetics. Gonna be another fun pheno hunt:)

  31. Its called covid

  32. # DGC 4 life boyz, awesome episode keep up the good work!

  33. Great show guys, thanks for sharing the extra content on the DGC patreon. Gratz to the winner 🏆, awesome setup!

  34. My bro Trip is also growing Cresend0 RBX1 by Ethos, and would love to try some Grandpa #2🤙🍻💨
    Is the Claw Machine in the Dab-ulance yet?
    Lastly those low prices for outdoor farmers is a travesty

  35. Why is scotty such a bitch about bee stings? lol

  36. Guru nailed it about the price drop in Cali. There is no shame in the word conspiracy theorist when one knows the definition of the two words. Isnt science mostly theories that more than one has agreed upon? Only difference is scientism is a bunch of lies agreed upon.

  37. Bring back Real Baked! Loved it

  38. Hey Guys, Rasta Jeff was due to be a vendor at Indo Expo but apparently the founder of the event passed away and emails are now being returned undeliverable. As far as he's concerned it's over.

  39. Hlg-650 will kindly take that off your hands and put that thing to work

  40. Schools are incubator`s for every Flu type bug going around.

  41. Love this show can't wait till you guys come to growklahoma

  42. How dumb is the Dude? Maybe home schooled.

  43. I dream of snapping branches.

  44. Whatever with sun grown weed. I’ve smoked outdoor weed and I’ve smoked mine from my tents. There’s not much comparison.

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